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Vaunted College Newspaper Now More Like Real Newspapers

Nights at the Columbia Daily Spectator were spent in a breathless, tipsy, exhausted, self-important haze. The office, like that of many college newspapers, was a clubhouse run by flighty, inexperienced, earnest kids who were behind on their homework. There was an idea that we should be finished by three a.m. in order to send the paper to the printing press. That was the goal post, anyway. In the meantime, we ate pizza from V&T’s (which we got for free in exchange for a daily ad); drank Blue Moons (which we got for cash); argued, gossiped, and fell in love with one another while we waited for the stories to [...]


How Do You Say "Fraud" In 140 Characters or Fewer?

Much of what they still call "new media" at Columbia Journalism School has been under the tutelage of Sree Sreenivasan, a J-School alum whose professional experience largely consists of being a talking head on WABC about technology, and who leads workshops for gullible older alumni about how to set up their LinkedIn profile. His latest "Tech Jam Session" is "Twitter for Skeptics,".