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Frats Nightmarish

Caitlin Flanagan's monster fraternities story in the Atlantic turns out to be, eventually and at last, a story about… the insurance industry. Which actually makes it more fascinating, not less! This is particularly intriguing:

Despite everything you may think you know about life on frat row, there are actually only two [Fraternal Information and Programming Group]-approved means of serving drinks at a frat party. The first is to hire a third-party vendor who will sell drinks and to whom some liability—most significant, that of checking whether drinkers are of legal age—will be transferred. The second and far more common is to have a BYO event, in which the [...]


College Admit Rate Plummets: Big Money College Bonanza Time!

Good news for America's money-hungry colleges and universities! Yale: "Class of 2015 admit rate lowest ever." UCLA: "A record-high number of applicants for UCLA results in low admissions." Harvard: "Harvard Accepts Record Low 6.2 Percent of Applicants to the Class of 2015."

So, yes: application rates are through the roof, admission rates are way down, and at the same time, prices are going up! Coupled with the trend of the use of high-priced admissions "consultants," who help eliminate admissions to needy ("poor") students so as to get more paying students, it's going to be a great year for institutions (to sock away some cash and educate [...]


ENG347: Eschatological Thrills in American Literature and Film


Watch “Twin Peaks,” pilot through episode sixteen, the one where you find out Laura Palmer was killed by her father while he was inhabited by the demon BOB (available on Netflix). Read Ralph Waldo Emerson’s “Divinity School Address” (course packet) before reading the rest of Emerson (course packet). Is Agent Cooper an agent of Christ consciousness? Is Audrey the night sky? Could the “refulgent summer” of Cambridge ever touch Twin Peaks, or is it always autumnal in that town? In-class: trust falls and ropes course, diagnostic essay, background on the transmission of knowledge from prehistoric man to us. Introduction to trance states: hypnosis, meditation, [...]


Football Stadium Won't Be Named After Prison Profiteers (This Time)

Privatized prison operator GEO Group has withdrawn its foundation's proposed $6-million gift to Florida Atlantic University. Students apparently did not feel comfortable with the naming rights attached to the gift, which would have put GEO's name on their sports arena. GEO has been desperately trying to keep its Wikipedia entry clean of a rehash of all the deaths and charges of abuse that took place in its prisons, but unfortunately for them, Wikipedia knows how to resist such things and also, if there's one thing college students know how to do, it's "read Wikipedia."

GEO Group's stock was up 12 cents this morning, reaching its highest prices since [...]