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The Rise of Fake Good Coffee

It's true, as Oliver Strand writes, that the coffee scene has never been better in New York—or Los Angeles or San Francisco or Portland or basically anywhere—than it is right now. There's more superb coffee and more of it: from Budin's single storefront in Greenpoint serving exquisite Tim Wendelboe, which often tastes more of tea than coffee (for five dollars a cup because shipping from Norway is like, expensive man) to the roughly six hunded Joe locations dotting Manhattan.

Less discussed, however, is the concurrent rise of coffee shops that trade in the signs of "good coffee"* but in fact serve hot sewage.


Mr. Wrong: Coffee Talk

Yeah, maybe I'm a little late to the party on this one, but whatever: Look, I do not have to be quiet at the coffee shop. It is a place where they have coffee and loitering is tolerated or perhaps even encouraged and people come in and set up at a table with their laptop and every time I come in to one of these joints it's totally fucking quiet. There's no OBEY BE QUIET sign, but everybody's quiet because they are all up in their laptop computers, interfacing with the goddamn Machine Intelligence that is gonna take over any fucking minute now and not with like, Humans. However and [...]


This Is Catsploitation

Taibi Mastelbowers, an artist, babysitter and retail worker, was one of many waiting in line this morning for the opening of North America's first pop-up cat café, a month-long marketing event for Purina One cat food. Mastelbowers who has two cats, Neferkitti and Inkling, said she's not allowed to bring any more home. "I love cats. I love to hang out with cats. I've already had a coffee today, but I always need kitty cuddle time."


America's Office Space Gets Smaller

"Here's a new strategy in the ongoing war between coffeeshops and laptop squatters, courtesy San Francisco's Coffee Bar: reserved 'express tables' for non-computer users."