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Today In Roach Reads

If you are the type for whom reading anything about roaches is revolting you should skip this, but the rest of you might find it interesting. I mean, sure, ewww, but interesting.


Cockroaches, Like American Children, Now Bigger Than Ever

Cockroaches are larger than they have ever been. Science can't quite figure out why. I would hope someone is out there inventing bigger shoes so that we can cope with this menace.


Somewhere A Cockroach Just Blogged: "Humans, So Like Us"

"In some important ways, New York City's cockroaches are eerily similar to its human inhabitants. New research shows the insects tend to stay in the neighborhoods they grew up in and segregate themselves, much like the city's ethnic groups and income classes. And as in many a New York immigrant tale, cockroaches' ancestors likely came to America as stowaways…. A cockroach found on the Upper East Side is genetically different than the Upper West Side and Roosevelt Island cockroaches, Dr. Stoeckle and his team have found." —Also the tiny cockroach who was Cockroach Mayor for the last 12 years vastly increased inequality for cockroaches across New [...]