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Store Closes

"Barnes & Noble's former flagship location at 105 Fifth Avenue has shuttered for good. A tipster alerted us to the closure earlier today, and a message on the store's answering machine notes that the location 'is permanently closed,' directing callers to the nearby Union Square store."


Another Journalism-Changing Startup Bites The Dust

The journalism startup NewsLabs, which called itself "the platform for new journalism" and told writers that it would "allow you to focus on your craft while we focus on the tools and infrastructure for growing your online readership and brand," announced its demise today via a couple of regret-filled internal memos. The money quote is probably this one, from chief technology officer Nathan Chong: "In retrospect, I now believe that we should never have made promises about building your online brand or large amounts of traffic (early email threads about how to deal with large number of comments now seem very ironic)." Ouch.


St. Vincent's Hospital Manhattan, 1849-2010

"There's a lot of heartbroken people inside the ER. … They have been the heart and soul of this hospital for many years. I think on 9/11 we saw what hatred could do. We're seeing today what greed and politics can do to a hospital." -Eileen Dunn, a former nurse at the financially troubled hospital St. Vincent's, which posted a "closed" sign on its doors and removed its signage earlier this morning. The emergency room treated 43 patients on its final night of operation; Dunn, who worked at the hospital for 24 years, is one of the 3,500 people losing their jobs as a result of the [...]