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Scenes from the New York Tombstone Trade

If you take a train out to the Broadway Junction station, turn onto Conway Street, go up the hill, and keep walking until the patchy Brooklyn sprawl dissolves into a field of gravestones, you’ll find yourself deep in the Cemetery of the Evergreens, one of the vast commercial graveyards established in the outer boroughs following the 1847 Rural Cemetery Act. The bodies of over half a million dead New Yorkers rest beneath the hunks of granite and marble which seem stuck in the ground at random, like a handful pebbles tossed into the grass.

Not a few of the monuments have been supplied by Carbone Memorials, a small, family-owned [...]


Tomb Raiding 2011

"Sky-high metals prices combined with the weak U.S. economy in recent years have led brazen thieves to strip copper wire out of vacant homes, swipe stainless-steel beer kegs from bars and even make off with manhole covers, street lights and parts of fire hydrants. Just this month, Illinois officials reported that someone had stolen a three-foot copper sword from Abraham Lincoln's tomb in Springfield. But the theft of thousands of vases at cemeteries across the country has brought the thievery to new depths."


Shred Your Dead

"Ok, so I'm an engineer and my engineering brain could come up with quite a few solutions that whilst might be good, could quite possibly make some wince. There is a method of shredding the body, then putting the remains into a super-compactor to reduce the size and remove all the liquids. This would make the human body take up about the same space as a couple of CD cases, which could be multi stacked in many ways." —Here are 20 suggestions for coping with the lack of space in Britain's blighted boneyards.