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Block More, Fix the Stupid Internet

According to a nice new tool called Blocktogether, I am blocking 16 people on Twitter. I was worried about what this tool would show me: Would it be 16 reminders of times I was wrong, or acted stupid, or engaged in some sort of petty feud? Would I be ashamed? Here is what it said: @monteiro (Mike Monteiro) @darth (darth™ ) @RyanHoliday (Ryan Holiday) @pmarca (Marc Andreessen) @gabestein (Gabriel Stein) @SteenKJW (Steen) @Max_Fisher (Max Fisher) @BorowitzReport (Andy Borowitz) @tomwolber (Tommy Wolber) @paxdickinson (Pax Dickinson) @WyanRilson (jack danielsaur) @DylanByers (Dylan Byers) @paulcarr (Paul Carr) @NYTFridge (NYTFridge) @ChristineTWang (Christine Tien Wang) @GlennF (Glenn Fleishman)

I don't remember blocking about a [...]


How Do We Feel About Jackée Being the New Betty White?

The "Ground Zero Mosque" scandal of 2011 isn't going to be aliens. It's going to be…. .bbpBox{background:url( #d0e8e8;padding:20px;}

Ok Tweeps, if you'd like to see ME host SATURDAY NIGHT LIVE, as 1000s of you have referenced & requested via e-mail… trend #JackéeOnSNLMon Jun 20 19:16:55 via Mobile WebJackée HarryJackeeHarry

… Jackée-related. Oh boy, here we go. JACKÉE'S BACK, BACK AGAIN, TELL A FRIEND.


"Celebrities Are People Too": Meet The Folks Behind "Snark Free Day"

The PRConsultants Group (slogan: "National Strength. Local Power.") has declared October 22nd to be "Snark Free Day." We emailed with the members behind the endeavor—Atlanta-based restaurant publicist Melissa Libby, of Melissa Libby & Associates, and Louisville-based Nicole Candler, of Nic Creative—about their hopes and dreams for the national discourse.

What started all this? Nicole Candler: The idea developed out of a discussion among our PRCG Directors. Melissa and some others were commenting on how ugly online communication has become and the role that PR consultants must play in helping clients prevent it, monitor it and respond (or not respond) to it.

Melissa Libby: It kind of [...]


Dear Bill Thompson

Dear Bill Thompson,

I have never met you. As far as I know, no one I know has ever met you. I couldn't pick you out of a lineup-and I can say that because I just now went Googling for a picture of you and I didn't even know you were black, so I didn't even know that saying that would have icky weird racist overtones! Seriously. WTF? And I say this as the kind of primary-voting nerd who briefly got into it with Leslie Crocker Snyder campaigners last night on the street. (So maybe I called her a killer, and maybe a bunch of Aborn campaigners laughed their heads [...]


Meet The Brave Entrepreneurs Who Will Save Us From Mayor Mike's Polystyrene Ban

Captains of industry, restaurateurs, and members of the New York City Council gathered on the steps of City Hall yesterday in protest. Councilmember Lewis Fidler has a bill, introduced yesterday and supported by Mayor Bloomberg, that would ban the use of polystyrene foam food service products—takeout containers, cups and plates, mostly.

This brave team of polystyrene advocates has strong support. Put A Lid On It NYC, who are sharing facts about the environmental benefits of polystyrene, is funded by the American Chemistry Council, whose mission is "to deliver business value through exceptional advocacy." There, you can learn that the proposed ban would cost the city $100 million a [...]