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Where Am I? And What Time Is It?

In the modern world we’re never more than a glance away from a digital display of today’s date or the time to the nearest second. The use of GPS devices in cars or even in our own pockets with smartphones has all but eroded the art of map-reading and navigation. This is all exceedingly convenient, of course, but I think that many of us in developed nations are feeling increasingly disconnected from the fundamental principles and processes that support our lives, sensing that our basic skills are atrophying and perhaps feeling anxious of being a little too reliant on the magic of modern technology.



"The Future Is Now": Download Amy Jean Porter's 2011 Desktop Calendar!

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Ladies and gents, it's the "Drawings in a Hurry: The Future is Now, 2011" calendar! Amy Jean Porter has made a drawing for each month, each of which tiles delightfully on your computer monitor. You can download the calendar, without captions, most easily here, in an adorable little zip file. [2.8MB] Those are the most handsome. Or you can download the calendar with captions here, if you like words, and who doesn't? [3.4MB] Would you like to see it in action on [...]


Germans Still Weird

"A bizarre calendar of men posing in their underpants with classic 1970s cars is proving an unlikely success in Germany."