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Kill All The Butterflies Or We'll Have Another World War

“During the recent mild weather butterflies are reported as having been seen on the wing in various parts of England; and doubtless as many of them as possible were killed. It is a common rustic superstition that to fail to kill the first butterfly one sees abroad in spring is to earn bad luck for the year; and, like most such superstitions, it is based on misunderstanding. It is reasonable to kill queen wasps in the spring, if it happens that you do not like wasps. From an economic point of view it is at least arguable whether the wasp does not do more good to the agriculturist than [...]


Penguins Chase Butterfly

Okay, I know we're all a little sweaty and agitated and generally irritable because it's only Tuesday, which, really, how the hell is that possible? Yesterday was like a WEEK. Anyway, chill out, because here is some video of Humboldt penguins chasing a butterfly at the Philadelphia Zoo. They're just like us! (If we chased butterflies. And were forced to suffer the indignity of living in Philadelphia.)


Fritillary Fuck-Up Fixed

"A seemingly uninspiring wood surprises with fritillary delights was amended to replace the picture. The image now shows a pearl-bordered fritillary butterfly, which the author saw on his walk, not its near relation the small pearl-bordered fritillary butterfly."


Butterfly Lives Where It Should Not

You know that thing about how if a butterfly flaps its wings in Brazil, it can cause a tornado in Texas? Well, something like that is happening right now. Except in this case, it's more like, if a butterfly hatches out of its cocoon in Montreal, it means that everyone south of there is going to die in fire. Because this particular butterfly is a Giant swallowtail butterfly called a Papilio cresphontes Cramer, indigenous to tropical areas in Central and South America, and the fact that it is now able to live in northern Nordic zones is attributable to climate change. There are plenty of other videos I [...]