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Will Mayor Ed Lee Fix San Francisco's "Cute" (Terrible) Muni System?

"The Municipal Transportation Agency—and residents' love-hate relationship with the notoriously late and overcrowded public transit system—has been the bane of many mayors, with current Chronicle columnist and former Mayor Willie Brown once famously saying he would fix Muni in 100 days. That was in 1995." —Even though San Francisco has the only real public-transit system of the Western United States, it's still kind of a mess. It's also what New Yorkers talk about during the three months they spend shivering in the frozen dark of winter: "Oh but that Muni system, that's why I could never live in a beautiful coastal city where it never gets cold but ladies can [...]


Talking Bus Stop Ad Annoys

"On the way home yesterday I noticed a bus stop shelter on Leeson St. has recently had installed a video with speakers into its poster board. Captives waiting for a bus must stand next to a short video explaining how to make something with a particular brand of cream cheese." —What's big in Ireland now? (Spoiler: bus stops with heinous annoying talking ads about cream cheese. Also probably drunkenness.)