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Machine That Dispenses Old Sugared Bread Finally Arriving On Upper East Side

"Sprinkles, the Beverly Hills bakery that helped launched the modern cupcake craze, is once again revolutionizing New Yorkers’ dessert. The company is bringing its much-hyped Cupcake ATM to its bakery at 780 Lexington Ave. near 60th Street, following a multi-year anticipation."


Passionate Wait Almost Over

"There are people who are very passionately waiting for it. I truly believe that 10 years from now it's going to be hard to think you didn't have something like it."


New Yorkers Now Being Terrible For Charity

"The societal pressure forces you to get on board because it’s considered a good cause. It would be such a faux pas to say no to it — you don’t want to be the one guy who doesn’t save the puppies. I know everyone thinks it, but no one wants to be perceived as cheap." —Is there a real trend going on where "more altruistic New Yorkers are insisting on throwing birthday bashes with mandatory charity donations"? On the one hand, now that we've decided government isn't going to do anything but funnel more and more [...]


Now You Can Drink To Help Forget That You Are Smoking Fake Cigarettes

"The electronic cigarette lounge on Bedford Avenue may soon be able to serve beer and wine after the local community board's State Liquor Authority committee unanimously approved its license application Monday night. Being able to serve beer and wine will let MoVapes offer 'vapers' — as e-cigarette smokers are sometimes known — a laidback place to use the nicotine devices, owner Dr. Sathish Modugu told the board. 'It’s not about alcohol, it’s about the hobby of vaping,' he said, reassuring locals that MoVapes would stop serving alcohol if it gets too rowdy."


Please Don't Let Any Of These Tech People Fuck Each Other And Make Little Tech People Babies

"Andrew Vecchio, the co-founder and CEO of Startup and Tech Mixer, wanted to make it absolutely clear that his Friday night event — with 2,500 attendees, a bouncy blowup game of Twister, and a mechanical bull in downtown San Francisco’s W Hotel — was not a party. 'We don’t use the word "party." [...]


Alcohol Now Being Made Specifically For Children

"Just when it seemed flavored booze couldn't get any sweeter, here comes Cinnabon vodka."


Ramen Enjoyed

"Ten years ago, when you told New Yorkers you were going to eat Japanese noodles, nearly everyone pictured soba. When you say it now, half your friends will ask which ramen-ya is your favorite and the other half will be in line in front of you."


In 2014 People Cross The Street In The Cold To Snap A Photo Of Broken Glass Just So They Can Put It On The Internet

"The building, located across the road from Central Park, is often the subject of portraits. Photos illustrating the effect of the cracked glass started popping up on Twitter and Instagram soon after the accident, and despite the freezing temperatures on Wednesday morning, people crossing the plaza where the store is located stopped every few minutes to get a quick shot."