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Spaceport New York

When One World Trade Center formally opens next week, it will not have a fancy restaurant at the very top of the building, like Windows on the World in the North Tower of the World Trade Center before it, even though the building's owner, the Port Authority, originally planned for one. Instead, the Port Authority realized, its top three floors would be more valuable as functionally empty space—it will be an observation area for an expected three-and-a-half million people a year.

According to the Wall Street Journal, The revenue produced by this massive observation space—which the Port Authority hopes will approach some fifty-three million dollars annually by 2019, [...]


"Phone Company" Was How We Used To Say "Tech Company"

"Since 2005, parts or all of 14 Manhattan sites have been sold or are in contract to be sold by Verizon, the successor to New York Telephone, property records show. The sales reflect the once vast scope of the old phone company's real-estate holdings, everything from two-story garages to modern towers to Art Deco skyscrapers. A telephone-exchange building that dates to 1917 is now on the market by Verizon on West 36th Street near Seventh Avenue as a potential hotel site. No asking price has been set. Properties are also on the market in Philadelphia and Boston. The Art Deco edifices were designed to illustrate the grandeur and power of [...]


Idiot American Architects Association Has Terrible Taste

The "American Institute of Architects… has branded The New York Times Building as the city's 'ugliest' building." Now, that being said? The American Institute of Architects is fronting this building on their website right now. It is a building at Central Michigan University and it is a horrible insane piece of strip mall garbage. So.


Brutalism's Bullies

In late April, the city of Baltimore issued a certificate of demolition for the Morris A. Mechanic Theater, prevailing in a lengthy quest to destroy one of its most unique buildings. With a character somewhere between a stone-age helmet and a concrete cog, the nearly fifty-year-old building’s assertive structure has earned the affection of a small number of enthusiasts who embrace its almost oppressively functional style of architecture—and almost no one else. The theater, designed by the revered and often imperiled architect John Johansen, will be replaced by a condo.

The story of the Mechanic has become overly familiar. Brutalism, a muscular and monumental architectural style [...]


Buildings Ugly

Are these the world's ugliest buildings? Sure, why the hell not.


Structure Unappealing

"The still-­unfinished floors are high-ceilinged, unencumbered, and spacious enough to host an Ultimate Frisbee tournament, with wraparound views of brick and brownstone landmarks. IBM’s Watson team is moving in, hoping perhaps that the area’s creative aura will enlighten its engineers. The mirrored façade seems to sharpen reflections to a higher resolution than reality itself. Architects love to pretend that reflective structures 'dematerialize'—that is, disappear—but Maki’s building is a solid object, black and glossy and timeless as a Steinway grand, expressing itself in an architectural language that is incomprehensible around here." —That is perhaps a too-polite way of saying "51 Astor Place is so frighteningly [...]


An Incredibly Boring Tour of New York City

"Thomas Wolfe put the finishing touches on Look Homeward, Angel while living on the second floor of 27 W 15th Street in 1928": A literary tour of New York City that you should never bother to take. Look, here's an alley where someone once walked! (via)