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The Writer Who Beat The System: How One Woman Resurrected Her Sexy Vampire Brothers

J.K. Rowling recently told Wonderland magazine that Hermione and Harry would have made a better couple than Ron and Hermione. It shouldn’t have mattered. Apart from the fact that we’re talking about the romantic lives of make-believe wizards, not only would Roland Barthes yawn at the author’s opinion about her own work, but the fans had already paired off Harry and Hermione themselves—nine years ago.

But the opinions of authors can’t help but feel more canonical than the things we internet denizens dream up ourselves—particularly when you take into account the connotations that the term "fan fiction" carries for most people.

L.J. Smith’s newest book, [...]


Life Is Full Of Joy And Sadness

If you work in some kind of open-plan office you probably don't want to click here. Unless your heart is made of stone, in which case go crazy.


The Bronies Take Manhattan

The only hint of their presence in Midtown’s Hotel Pennsylvania—the lobby still garlanded for the holiday season and crowded with milling tourists—was a 20-something guy shuffling around in medium-rinse jeans and a lackluster black leather jacket. He might have been one of the tourists himself were it not for the fluorescent pastel sign he held reading: THIS WAY TO BRONYCON! Pictured on the sign was a pink and purple pony in a green field.

The so-called Bronies—a herd of mostly male, mostly white, mostly mid-20s fans of the animated TV show "My Little Pony: Friendship Is Magic"—have had plenty of press coverage of late, but this [...]