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If We Ignore Our Decrepit Bridges They Will Heal On Their Own, Right?

"I would not use the word crisis. Things are a little bit more urgent than they have been in the past. I would say there is concern," says some libertarian professor of the nation's 63,000 structurally compromised bridges. So the next time the span you're crossing seems a little creaky or in bad repair, don't worry too much about it. It's probably not going to collapse and send you hurtling to the treacherous waters below. Probably.


Why You Want To Jump Off A Bridge

The urge to jump off a bridge actually affirms an urge to live. Except when it doesn't. It is probably best to stay away from bridges just in case.


Something Something, A Joke about Ed Koch and Queens

“'If Mayor Bloomberg wants to name something, he can name Bloomberg L.P. Koch L.P.,'” said Councilman Jumaane D. Williams of Brooklyn, referring to the mayor’s media conglomerate." —Some people really don't want the Queensboro Bridge renamed for Ed Koch. It's a fair point that the Brooklyn Bridge wouldn't get renamed for a Mayor, certainly not a living one—but then the Queensboro Bridge isn't exactly the Brooklyn Bridge now, is it? In other news, maybe by noon we'll come up with the right joke about Koch and Queens.


Interesting Bridges Interesting To Look At

Bridges are useful for so many things. Crossing rivers for example. Or valleys in the mountains. Or roadways. They can make us laugh. Or cry. Or both. Today, Popular Mechanics shows us interesting words and pictures and videos of 18 of the best bridges in the world.


City Living: How We Make It Work Now

"Hookers are using the controversial Airbnb home-sharing Web site to turn prime Manhattan apartments into temporary brothels," while "[c]rafty hobos are turning the Manhattan Bridge into a veritable shantytown, complete with elaborate plywood shacks that are truly 'must see to believe.'" It is, indeed, a hell of a town.


Good News: 8 Out Of 9 Bridges Probably Okay

"In the country’s 102 largest metro areas, one in nine bridges is structurally deficient. That translates into more than 18,000 precarious structures. Americans drive over bridges in need of repair, replacement or maintenance about 210 million times daily, according to the report. In California alone, that translates into 396 people every second. Put another way, each day the volume of travelers who use deficient bridges in the United States far outnumbers the customers served by McDonald’s worldwide."


The Bridge to Somewhere

There's a reason that the notion of selling the Brooklyn Bridge has long served as shorthand for a rudimentary con job. Public authorities own and administer the span, and so documents decreeing private ownership of the thing are so plainly the handiwork of a scam artist that they've basically been retired from circulation as anything other than a Vaudeville-era punch line.

But greed and vanity reliably trump reason on the American scene, and so the current dust-up over the Ambassador Bridge, which links Detroit and Windsor, Ontario, has the point of the bridge-selling parable precisely backwards. As the main artery for trade between the United States and [...]


Manhattan Bridge Sways

In case you missed it over the weekend, here is some time-lapse photography of the Manhattan Bridge bending and shaking as trucks and trains go over it. Scary? Yeah, probably. But also a good excuse, should you need one, to decline an invitation to DUMBO. (More here.)


Google Takes Half A Day To Get Around To Removing Missing Bridge From Maps

In less than 12 hours, Google Maps has removed the collapsed I-5 bridge in WA (via @hackernews),…

— Veronica De Souza (@HeyVeronica) May 24, 2013

The world's biggest Internet company apparently took 12 hours to remove a missing bridge from its maps—maps that are used by millions to navigate. Tech geek society, of course, is apparently claiming this as a victory for amazingness. Except it's still not: Google maps still routes you over the collapsed bridge. Just remember, you were warned about giving one company all your email, documents, photos and everything else!


The Best Fried Chicken In The World, Galaxy, Universe

I have a recommendation as to where you should go for lunch: Charleston, South Carolina. Now, unless you're in Hanahan or Folly Beach or Mt. Pleasant, it could take you a long time to get there. So you might want to leave soon. But you really should go, because Charleston has some of the very best food you will ever eat anywhere. There is a place there called Jestine's Kitchen, which has become quite famous, and so often has a line of people waiting outside, and so also has lots of people who like to talk about food on the internet dismissing it as a "tourist trap" and inferior [...]


They Should Do This With The Arch! (No, Just Kidding)

Hey, want to watch a bridge blow up and then have the video reverse so you can watch it un-blow up and then blow up again in slow motion? A local news crew filmed the demolition of the Union Road Bridge in St. Louis on Friday, and a film production major at nearby Webster University hooked it up so you can. It's fun.