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The Loneliest Crusade

How is one woman's boycott against Amazon, a response to the company's ongoing campaign to make life miserable for the mega-publisher Hachette and its authors, going? "I’m convinced that Amazon will not make any effort to regain me since they can rely on getting me back due to the magnetism of their efficiency and their massive stock of everything," she wrote. "So, feeling as isolated as I do in my feeble protest, I believe I’ll call it quits soon if there is no prospect of it making a difference to anyone."

But Ardelle—can I call you Ardelle?—are you sure you want to give up so easily? What if [...]


Boycotting Koch Products is Not Just Fun but Mostly Remarkably Easy

I was thrown into a brief quandary when I thought that the "hacker" group Anonymous was trying to get us to boycott Vanity Fair because of the Koch Brothers. What has Graydon gotten up to! I thought. But no, they mean the paper plates and napkins. Oh.

If you can manage to not purchase those or their similar products (Brawny!), you can also probably forego all the Koch Brothers' Invista products, including Stainmaster carpeting (ew) and Lycra. You can avoid Lycra, right? Also maybe look out for like, oil and natural gas. Good luck with that!


Guess Which Homo Is Going To See "Ender's Game" Tomorrow?

Spoiler, it's me. I am going.

The Ender's Game boycott movement has chugged along in its way. God bless! Yes, author Orson Scott Card is a hilariously foolish man, it's really quite ridiculous his views on the gays. (And other things!)

But you don't have to come out in favor of blacklists and HUAC to skip this boycott, which, somehow, this Cato Institute creepo David Bernstein fellow did, with all sorts of sneaky rhetorical tricks, like by equating a boycott with a blacklist. Apparently a boycott is like unconstitutional or something because it injures people, which, LOL, then what is capitalism? (He then prattles on about the oppression [...]


Should You Boycott BP? The Media Says "No"!

According to "Proud to Buy BP," a strange Tumblr that supports the "bravery" of folks filling up their cars at BP pumps, today's Miami Herald claims that BP franchises have "no closer relationship to the crude oil company than" they do "to Coca-Cola." (Which means… the franchises… buy BP's product and resell it, just like Cokes, we're pretty sure!) So, you protesters and boycotters? You're just destroying one franchisee's American dream, not actually hurting BP, according to the media. BP gas stations just buy their gas from "a distributor," and then only pay "some money" back to BP. All over the country, the media is explaining this! [...]


Yes, Great, Let's Have Nestle Feed The Whole World's Babies

"Swiss food group Nestle is to buy drugmaker Pfizer's baby food business for $11.85 billion, beating out French rival Danone in the battle for dominance of fast-growing emerging markets. The world's biggest food company had to dig deeper than expected into its ample pockets to win the high-stakes fight for Pfizer Nutrition, which makes 85 percent of its sales in emerging markets and is Nestle's biggest deal to date." —What could go wrong?


I'm Going Back To Arizona (And You Should Probably Come Too)

I have a friend I'll call Patrick who lives in Tucson, the small southern Arizona town where I spent 14 years of my childhood. A six-four wall of a man, softened in parts by pints and whiskey, Patrick and I have been close since high school, when his family–a big, pasty, Irish affair–moved to town from Phoenix. Once, on a trip to a low-budget Mexican beach community named Rocky Point, Patrick and I conspired to eat our vegan friend's entire supply of peanut butter and jelly while he was in the shower, leaving only his toothbrush in an empty jar of Skippy. While he screamed, "Do you know how hard [...]