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Ask Polly: I Am Obsessed With My Boyfriend's Evil Ex-Girlfriend—And Her Blog! (And Their Dogs!)

Dear Polly,

I'm a 26-year-old female living in NYC who has been in a serious monogamous relationship with my boyfriend for over a year and a half now. He's a supportive partner who fulfills all of my needs and I love him tremendously.

The only problem I have with our relationship is that he was previously married. I met him shortly after he left his ex, and was with him through the divorce. His marriage was an abusive one; she inflicted years of mental and emotional torment that he's still recovering from. He also still lives in the same neighborhood as his ex (I've seen her on more than one [...]


Is the Internet Dying? Let’s Go to the Cemetery and Pick Out a Tombstone

On a recent five-star November afternoon, I decided to visit Trinity Church Cemetery in northern Harlem. Starting at the plateau on Amsterdam Avenue and 154th Street, I followed the winding paths down through a kaleidoscope of autumn leaves and crumbling crypts, which, glowing in the western sun, appeared almost transitory. As one tends to do in cemeteries, I contemplated the end of all things. Lately, I had heard murmurs about “the death” of the internet, and though inclined to dismiss such speculation as a form of insipid nostalgia that often clings to any recollection of the past—and really, what is the internet if not an infinite collection of memories?—I [...]


"Blogs": What Were They?

Have we reached consensus on the most important question of the age? Maybe we have! Maybe we have.


Whatever Happened To The Camgirls? An Internet History With Tony Pierce

Before Flickr, before Tumblr, before Instagram or Chatroulette or sideboob slideshows on corporate media websites, there was From his East Hollywood bachelor pad at the dawn of the century, Tony combined his own L.A. snapshots with pilfered celebrity photographs, found objects, PG-13 pictures submitted by the camgirls, and freeform essays on his favorite subjects: his bus ride to work, Howard Stern, the Chicago Cubs, 19-year-old girls in their underwear, Charles Bukowski, the Los Angeles Times. Tony went pro as editor of and then blog editor at the Los Angeles Times, where he created and edited iconic blogs such as L.A. Now and Hero Complex. We talked [...]


After 650,000 Page Views, CNN Decides Atheist Mom Is Okay After All

An atheist mom's blog post on was so controversial—imagine being a mother and not teaching your child to worship Jesus—that editors nearly removed the offending material. But the Texas mom's reasons for raising her Texan child without religion "struck a chord," meaning it went viral on the Internet. Some 650,000 page views later, there was a change of heart at Maybe an atheist mom should be allowed to keep her child, after all.

This week, she gained a whole new audience and the reassurance that she's not alone. Her essay on CNN iReport, “Why I Raise My Children Without God,” drew 650,000 page views, the [...]


A Tumblr Devoted to Fashionable Hulks

From the Internet that brought you everything else that is awesome: please welcome Clubberin Dot Tumblr Dot Com, an online catalogue of "pro wrestling fashion."


Now We'll Never Know When Steve Buscemi Throws Away Hats

Oh no. One of the Internet's most wonderful things is closing up shop: "This morning I received a nice e-mail from Lucian Buscemi, Steve’s son, asking me to discontinue the blog. While the notion of going all V for Vendetta on Park Slope’s ass has its appeal, I don’t want to be slinking around the neighborhood taking pictures in defiance of the Buscemi family’s express wishes. I always said I would honor any request from Steve to stop documenting the activity on his stoop, and this is close enough. Accordingly, this blog is officially discontinued." What's On Steve Buscemi's Stoop was a masterpiece, a commentary on fame, [...]


The Golden Era Of Spam Comments Has Ended

The search engine optimization community has spent the last two years in a panic. SEO people flood our Internet with spam links and fake Twitter bots and paid traffic, to help bad websites look more popular than they are, to deliver fake viewers to web ads.

They now spend their lives on the run, Google nipping at their heels. Their biggest project? Removing all the spam links on websites like this one—the spam links that they put there.

In early 2011, Google issued an update to its search algorithm—they called it "Panda"—that elevated social media and news sites. Sites both big and small, usually spammy and sometimes not, saw [...]


Alan Grayson's Tumblr

The 113th Congress: do they blog? They do, a little! And here we review their blogs. Hey here is the Tumblr of Alan Grayson, the Democrat in the House of Representatives from a crazy central stretch of Florida.

Who: Alan Grayson (Rep-D, Florida) — Alan Grayson’s Emails

What: A Sorkinesque salad of high, low, and high-handedness through diatribes, transcripts, remembrances, and Don McLean references.

Design: 4.812/10 The blog is basically basic; its basicness announces itself with every post, every one set against and surrounded by a white background. But the function of design is functionality, and the lack of design pairs potently with the lull of the [...]


"This GIF Tumblr blog is bringing back the art of rotoscoping"

"This GIF Tumblr blog is bringing back the art of rotoscoping"


News Finally Replaced By Zombie Show Blog Recap

The day was long coming, but it's still okay for bloggers to feel a little bit proud this morning: The "Top Stories" on Google News on this busy Monday morning lead with a blog recap of "The Walking Dead." Stick that in your nuclear missiles, North Korean guy!

If you needed some "hard news," the next top story of the moment is "On Easter Sunday, Google Honors Cesar Chavez, Not Jesus."


When "Trigger Warning" Lost All Its Meaning

Once upon a time, "trigger warning" was an Internet shorthand for "Hey, look out, in what follows on this website, we are going to talk about rape or child sexual abuse or something really intense, and if you're not in the right emotional place for that, maybe go away and come back." This was a useful kind of thing! If sometimes applied a little broadly, but you know: fair warning is fair warning.

A couple of years ago now, a big dust-up went down. Oh, those were good times: "The debate over the feminist blog staple began with sex writer Susannah Breslin, who thinks trigger warnings are condescending [...]


'Daily News' Has New Traffic Scheme

In a naked bid for high-yield SEO-related traffic, the Daily News has launched… a book blog? It is called "Page Views" though, which is actually kind of "ugh why didn't I think of that" hilarious.


Shallow 'Rolling Stone' Hit Piece is Just What Michele Bachmann Needed

The backlash against the lashing out against presidential candidate Michele Bachmann has already begun. Following the Palin blueprint, Bachmann plans on fully leveraging the negative publicity with her base: they see leftist attacks as a point of pride and an indication of strength.

This outpouring of disgust is coming at the expense of the excellent local bloggers in Minnesota who have long tracked and fact-checked Bachmann. Their work will be the uncredited foundation of probably every Bachmann hit piece you'll read between now and 2012. It's begun with the self-destructive chewing-out that Matt Taibbi gave Bachmann in Rolling Stone.

"He did prove my point about [...]


I Failed To Monetize My Life As A Dating Blogger

It had been six months since I quit, but I still managed to bring up the blog within 15 minutes of meeting Lauren.

We were at my go-to first date spot, a subterranean bar with shuffleboard and ping-pong in case the conversation flagged. When she asked what I did for a living, I dispatched with my day job in a few sentences before admitting, with false embarrassment, that I was also an aspiring writer.

The required follow-up question—"What kind of stuff do you write?"—was barely out of her mouth before I slipped into my spiel: "It’s a little embarrassing, but I used to be a dating blogger for Glamour [...]


Congressional Blog Review: Mark Takano's Tumblr

The 113th Congress: do they blog? They do, a little! And here we review their blogs. First up, gay former schoolteacher Mark Takano, of California's 41st district—that's Riverside County and San Bernardino County—who entered the House of Representatives in January of this year.

Who: Mark Takano (Rep-D, California) — There Will Be Charts

What: A mix of shout-outs, Vines from the Hill, and realpolitik disguised as the occasional flight of fey.

Design: 7.5/10. The buttons are big, the tags are big, and the header is kind of terrifying. Why are the letters in 3D? It’s like the page is shouting at me in a low, throaty whisper. I [...]


Frightening Man To Use Wealth To "Target" Women On Internet!

A "serial entrepreneur" is in "stealth mode" for his "new blog" which, he reveals, is going to "target female readers," because "so much of the new media publishing focus is still on men" and "there is a massive market failure going on right now" and "so few new media properties have tried to capture the demographic ." No, I've actually cherry-picked the good sentences

I know, it's so crazy, absolutely no one has touched the market for women online, now maybe finally someone will build a web publishing company that "targets female readers" and then take it public, because what an amaaaaazingly good [...]


An Internet Tabloid In The Time Of Comets And Mass Suicide

On the night after the Heaven's Gate UFO cultists were discovered dead by mass suicide in a San Diego suburban McMansion, I was standing in a dark patch of the Presidio, watching the Hale-Bopp comet and its forked tail over the Marin Headlands. Someone passed around binoculars, somebody else passed a little pipe around, and after a half hour everyone was cold and bored and we drifted back to the battleship-gray Victorian on Haight Street that I shared with a rotating group of five or six pals.

My bedroom was just a large closet on the upper floor, with enough room for a narrow mattress and a chest [...]


Naming Things Sucks

Surprising news! "HuffPost Parents," formerly known as "ParentLode," after the Times' blog MotherLode, which disapproved far beyond the point of cease and desist, will now be known as… Parentry. (It could have been worse.)

Please make a note of it.


The 'Times' Thinks It Might Have (Maybe) Witnessed Police Brutality (Secondhand)

The New York Times thinks it maybe saw something… so it's saying something. In a Sunday afternoon post titled "Video Appears to Show Wall Street Protesters Being Pepper-Sprayed," the paper's City Room blog embedded a video—originally posted by YouTube user USLAWdotcom—and offered a delicate take on the proceedings.