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Local Blogger Is Gay Serial Scammer

Local blogger Jon Nicosia also happens to have a long history as a con artist. He came out today, because Capital New York has been reporting on him, and he wanted to get "ahead of the story." (He works for a site called Mediaite, a publication of, by and for TV talking face Dan Abrams.)

In one incarnation, Nicosia—whose name is Zachary Hildreth—swindled investors in a fairly classic investment con. (At 24, he was indicted on 11 counts of grand larceny; then, in January of 2001, he was indicted for two counts of larceny.)

In a later and more disturbing incarnation, he serially seduced gay men, [...]


An Internet Tabloid In The Time Of Comets And Mass Suicide

On the night after the Heaven's Gate UFO cultists were discovered dead by mass suicide in a San Diego suburban McMansion, I was standing in a dark patch of the Presidio, watching the Hale-Bopp comet and its forked tail over the Marin Headlands. Someone passed around binoculars, somebody else passed a little pipe around, and after a half hour everyone was cold and bored and we drifted back to the battleship-gray Victorian on Haight Street that I shared with a rotating group of five or six pals.

My bedroom was just a large closet on the upper floor, with enough room for a narrow mattress and a chest [...]


27 Wonder Woman Nip Slips/Sideboobs [SLIDESHOW]

"[T]his is really what happens when a 27-year-old guy is behind a desk and he has to take instruction from a larger conglomerate with concerns that aren’t really his own.” —Once again, blogging is over.


NYC's 'Saved' Libraries Experience Deja Vu

Just after that one significant law passed on Friday night, Mayor Bloomberg and City Council Speaker Christine C. Quinn met up downtown to make another important announcement: A balanced, on-time budget for Fiscal Year 2012. Details of that budget are still emerging, but the official press release boasts, “We saved … libraries.” But “saved” is relative. While no sources are sure of actual numbers yet, the agreement should prevent branch closures and lay-offs, though service is still likely to drop from six to five days.

Make no mistake, this was a much better outcome than many library supporters were expecting. But this year's wrangling also represents [...]


LA Times Declares War on "Rumors Spread by Bloggers with Axes to Grind"

The LA Times send out a newsletter today recruiting advertisers to the newsletter of The Envelope, which is (or at least should be!) the intentionally gossipy, rumor-filled awards-show blogging fiesta at their paper. It seems so unlikely that this happened! And yet this is true. Here's one thing you might know about the Hollywood awards show season. There is "news" when people win awards. The rest of it is… what do you call that stuff… I don't know, the term escapes me now.


Blogger To Publish Book in 2010!

Every year, I ask myself: am I going to read anything that is made-up this year? For 2010, I am not so sure. The invented seems so unrewarding. Still! Here is a preview of the first half of the year in mostly-fiction. Can you believe people have the gall to turn blogs into books? Like that crazy kid José de Sousa Saramago, the author of Blindness? Sheesh, some nerve.


Nikki Finke: Her Litigious Nature

The lawsuits that divine Hollywood blogger Nikki Finke (I refer to her in that fashion because getting emails from her is just too intense, and also? She is rather divine) has filed, according to today's front page (!!!) New York Times mini-profile:

1. "The New York Post, the News Corporation and the Walt Disney Company" for wrongful termination. 2. A class action suit against E*Trade for non-disclosed recording of phone calls. 3. A contractor working on her house, because she injured her foot. 4. A car dealership, over an extended warranty.

WHO WILL BE NEXT? Maybe you!


Whatever Happened To The Camgirls? An Internet History With Tony Pierce

Before Flickr, before Tumblr, before Instagram or Chatroulette or sideboob slideshows on corporate media websites, there was From his East Hollywood bachelor pad at the dawn of the century, Tony combined his own L.A. snapshots with pilfered celebrity photographs, found objects, PG-13 pictures submitted by the camgirls, and freeform essays on his favorite subjects: his bus ride to work, Howard Stern, the Chicago Cubs, 19-year-old girls in their underwear, Charles Bukowski, the Los Angeles Times. Tony went pro as editor of and then blog editor at the Los Angeles Times, where he created and edited iconic blogs such as L.A. Now and Hero Complex. We talked [...]


Youth Moving From One Right-Wing Website To Another Right-Wing Website

"The establishment media has become a part of the establishment class. That means it’s against their best interests to do the right thing and expose the corruption that plagues Washington—if they did, they’d be fighting against themselves. At Breitbart News, I plan to investigate these people. Together with Breitbart News, I’m going to expose corruption in Washington." —A blogger is moving from one wingnut website to another, and the establishment media is all over it!


Drunk Bloggers Are the Best Bloggers

Fuckers I am so sick of reporting on incremental tech news for fucking two years now, so sick I’m pretty much considering reverting full-time to fashion coverage…. But yeah, The New York Times took a step towards the future this blasted Sunday night and all of us tech press are expected to cover it like lemmings. Fine. Sure. It’s a big deal, in a business that is slowly dying, to show an understanding of 21st century distribution mechanisms. Kudos NYT. You’re still worth less than Instagram. Hahahahhaha, lol (drink).

Honestly? I like the Internet a lot better when you're all just straight-up drunk-typing. Let's make a habit [...]


Awards, TV and Press Do Nothing: Indie Music, Away from the SxSW Hordes

The panel discussion was defiantly titled “Flying The Indie Flag” and the mood was clearly intended to be triumphant. “Indie labels are having a banner year,” crowed the panel’s organizers at last week’s South by Southwest music festival in Austin, Texas, and are “being successful by doing it their way, in a world where major labels no longer control the music business landscape.” Yet the faces on the actual indie label panelists looked anything but victorious.

Sub Pop Records co-founder Jonathan Poneman—still earning sizable royalties for his initial signing of Nirvana over two decades ago—scowled his way through a series of accolades delivered for him. And Mac McCaughan, frontman [...]


Many of Your Favorite Bloggers are Fake

One of the things that's always mystified me about bloggers is that sometimes they are writing as a persona and not as themselves. It's something I never expect, and when I realize such a thing is happening, I'm always shocked, and even feel betrayed. I suppose it seems natural; people amplify a part of themselves, and disguise other parts, and use "techniques" to emphasize attention on what they are "supposed" to be covering. Many bloggers that you probably know and like have, you may be surprised to learn, been "acting" as if they were someone they only sort of are! One of them, as it turns out, was Moe [...]


Are 13-Year-Olds Taking Our Jobs?

"You know that feeling when you're sort of floating around like a ghost and so exhausted that you consider drinking the Lola perfume in your goodie bag at Marc Jacobs? No? Me neither. Except this one time when I went to New York Fashion Week and it was sort of crazy."

Gah. I want to douse the flaxen-haired author with superspicy haterade, snatch her bag, smash the perfume behind me like a smoke bomb, and go legging it down the block cackling like a maniac-but can't. Because Tavi Gevinson, the writer, is a fashion blogger who's been featured in Teen Vogue, the Times magazine, graced the COVER of [...]


Business Policy Institute Very Much Against Taxes

A bunch of finance bloggers are passing around a chart from the "Public Policy Institute of New York" that shows, with data from up to 2006, that New York's personal and tax burdens are the highest in the nation's, and also the state spends a lot of money! OMG! "New York To Become Ghost Town After Largest Tax Hike In History?" asks a blogger! Taxes Bleed New Yorkers Dry, claims Clusterstock!


The Rise and Fall of the L.A. Examiner, a Blog That Was a Newspaper That Never Existed

My office was the living room closet in a huge one-bedroom in a 1920s East Hollywood apartment court, across the street from the big blue Scientology headquarters in the old Cedars of Lebanon Hospital. There were built-in bookshelves and just enough space for a chair and a laptop and an ashtray. The neighbor lady's rescued pit bulls romped outside in the overgrown garden, and that electric L.A. sunlight came filtered through the grimy old French windows to the hardwood floors. It was a very pleasant place to work, my friends lived within walking distance in other cheap apartments in Los Feliz, and I had a bad case of being in [...]


Unfortunate Woman Has No Choice But To Blog

"Until I have other options I have to keep doing this." —Attend the tragic tale of the Netroots bloggers.


How Is Andrew Sullivan Not Crippled by Carpal Tunnel?

Totally concerned about the ergonomics of Andrew Sullivan's blog cave, as depicted here! In a Stickley chair, with the laptop like that? It's making my wrists ache!


Snuck Into National Book Awards

i am at the National Book Awards at the Cipriani on Wall Street and i am standing fifteen feet away from Tina Brown. Tina Brown is sitting at her table and she just finished her dinner and i am waiting with my friends Mike and Nate to interview her to ask her how many times she has presented Tom Wolfe with an award, but right now she looks like she's having a pretty intense conversation with some old dude and if i interrupted her conversation she probably wouldn't do my interview. a cater waiter just walked by carrying some plates with slices of pie on them and the pie [...]


How Tight-Knit And/Or Incestuous Are You, Blogger?

Maybe you saw this New York Times gossip blogger profile? It mentions the "tight-knit – some might say incestuous – New York online-gossip subculture." Well, here's a home quiz: it's the "HOW INCESTUOUS ARE YOU: NEW YORK ONLINE GOSSIP MATCH" game! Print at home, draw a line between each heralded blogger's name, photo and notable scoop!


A Friendly Chat: Michael K, Web Entrepreneur, Blogger, Pottymouth

Michael K runs and writes the website Dlisted, which gives a rundown on the day's celebrity comings and goings with crude humor that often verges on the vulgar (though he disputes this point). Our 3 p.m. conversation took place between a post that featured some pap photos of A-ha! singer Morten Hackett ("For being almost a half-a-century old, dude is….still doing things to me. Take on my no-no, Morten!") and one that questioned the authenticity of Soulja Boy's Twittered pic of his groin ("Is that a bottle of Strawberry Suave in your boxers?"). Michael K lives on Manhattan's Lower East Side with a roommate and a [...]