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Ask Polly: How Do I Stop Hating Myself For Getting Black-Out Drunk?

Hi Polly,

I drink a lot, some weeks nearly everyday, some weeks once or twice, and once I've started (usually when I get home from work) I always keep going until I go to bed. I'm OK if I do it alone, but if I communicate with people in any way while I'm not sober and then the next day I don't remember each and every word of the conversations I start panicking and feeling I did something horrible.

I've had a rough life, but I've worked hard and, after a couple of psychiatrists that didn't help much and 1.5 years of therapy that did, I'm finally, at 29, [...]


Did You Accidentally Fertilize An Egg During Hurricane Sandy, Thereby Bringing About The End Times?

Are you pregnant now, and in your second trimester? Then you are obviously the most selfish human in the world, and your terribleness will bring forth a child of great evil, who will shower devastation upon the country and usher in a new dark era of rising tides and a catastrophe of the climate.

Oh, wait, that was happening anyway? Cause and effect is so COMPLICATED. Sorry, no, your baby is fine! As you were! I'll buy it a nice cashmere blanket that it can barf on.

But apparently people were traipsing up and down stairs with buckets of water, people were watching their kitty cats float away, [...]


The Way We Figure Out How Drunk We Were Last Night Now

"While it’s hard to quantify how many people experience blackouts, social media has definitely made the problem more visible. Adolescents and young adults now increasingly use Facebook and Instagram to figure out where they were the night before and what they were doing."


There's Got to Be a Morning After

Here's some maybe-potential copyright infringement that someone else made that is hosted by Google and "embedded" here to celebrate our freedom today! I think the hardest thing about yesterday's protest blackout was, stealthily, the lack of Craigslist, not Wikipedia, actually.


Happy Anniversary Of The 2003 Blackout, Which Now Seems Kind Of Lame When You Compare It To The Blackout We Just Had Last Year

It's the tenth anniversary of the New York City Blackout of 2003! What were you doing that night? I mean, I'm sure you've already bored everyone you've met subsequently to death with your recollections, and, in a much larger sense, no one cares, but if you're bound and determined to share, go crazy in the comments. Hell, toss in your 9/11 memories while you're down there! It makes no difference! It's just another one of those things where people nod politely and pretend to listen so they can wait until you're done and launch into their own stories. But go on!


The End of the 00s: A Personal Chronology of the Last Decade Organized Around My Blackouts, by Rod Townsend

Waikiki 2000

Resurface: The living room of my friend Devin's Waikiki apartment was full of light from a noonday sky. Looking around the room, fully dressed on the couch, I saw my boyfriend on the air-mattress below. I was awash in a feeling of peace right up until I vomited a purple-red gusher.

Remembered: On a rock formation off of Diamond Head that jutted into the Pacific we sat surrounded by water and warm ocean breezes while we waited both for the New Year's fireworks and for our ecstasy to hit. The lightweight in the group, I was feeling it already as two children approached us asking immediately, [...]