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"The Kessel Run," a Han Solo Grindhouse Double Feature, and Other Prequels

The Han Solo story would take place in the time period between Revenge of the Sith and the first Star Wars (now known as A New Hope), so although it’s possible Harrison Ford could appear as a framing device, the movie would require a new actor for the lead—one presumably much younger than even the 35-year-old Ford when he appeared in the 1977 original.

  • Han Solo (CGI Dustin Hoffman) and Lando Calrissian (CGI Sly Stone) wind up with a bunch of rebels in a woodsy canyon. While imperial forces hassle teen-aged rebels on the nearby Sunset Strip, Han and Lando find themselves in a groovy love triangle [...]

Mystery Monkey Of Tampa Bay Ushers In New Era Of Awareness

I have to say, when even the interview subjects in wacky animal news stories are not only completely in on the absurdity but willing participants themselves, we, as a nation, have entered some bizarre Mobius strip of humorous post-ironic detachment. There is something disturbing about the fact that we can no longer see a clip about a roving Florida primate without witnessing his greatest antagonist knowingly concede that the animal had "made a monkey out of me." I long for the more innocent time of "dog carried away by bird," but I guess we don't live in that America any more. I blame the Internet.