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The Starbucks Booze Worst-Case Scenario

Does this Williamsburg coffee shop owner sound a little paranoid? Sure: Bell, who leaped into action this week after finding out about Starbucks' plan to sell alcohol, said granting the chain a liquor license could embolden the company to seek a more and more. She said there could end up being a Starbucks-affiliated business on every corner, making it one of the only places to go.

It does not seem to be Starbucks' plan to open a "Starbucks beer garden, a Starbucks sports bar," or anything quite like that. But I do think the Starbucks alcohol initiative—there are locations with a "Starbucks Evenings Menu" in Chicago, Portland, Los Angeles [...]


Treatment Australian

"Vets in Australia saved a dog from certain death — by getting him drunk in a 48 hour vodka binge."


When To Drink At Denny's

"New York's first-ever Denny's got its liquor license approved at the Community Board 1 meeting last night, although not quite the one it was hoping for. The Denny's team had proposed to start serving alcohol at 10 a.m. on weekdays and 8 a.m. on Saturdays, but residents were concerned about attracting 'the kind of person who wants to have a drink before noon.' So CB1 pushed the hours of alcohol service back to 11 a.m. on [...]


When To Not Post Pictures Of Yourself Drinking

"A friend recently brought to my attention a disturbing question from a psychiatrist working with a transplant team: Should she be checking the sobriety claims of liver transplant candidates by looking on their Twitter and other social media sites? That question merits discussion because it’s clear both doctors and patients are entering a new world of uncertain medical privacy due to Twitter, Facebook, Google+ and other outlets." Regardless of your concerns about medical privacy in an age of social media, I think we can all agree [...]


Another Reason To Regret Not Becoming A Scientist

"A whisky sipped in a room smelling of fresh-cut grass with the sound of sheep 'baa-ing' in the background tastes different from having the same drink in a sweet-smelling, red room with piano music playing, research suggests."


Drunks Bike

A society can't be said to have fully embraced a new way of living until it has also embraced that new way of living while drunk. Good job welcoming change, everyone!


What Wines Are They Drinking On Long Island?

"A small set of New Yorkers spends summers or parts of summers in the fashionable towns collectively known as the Hamptons. A much larger group of New Yorkers assiduously follows all that goes on there: the parties, the benefits, the celebrity sightings—and, to a lesser extent, the food and the wine. Who's eating where and who's drinking what? Are the nights fueled by Champagne and the days filled with Sancerre?"


Death to Negronis

An aperitif is a bitterish alcoholic beverage that was originally meant to be served before a meal to stimulate the appetite because people in the nineteenth century believed all sorts of wonderful things about alcohol, which they had to drink constantly because water, prior to modern sanitation, was a biohazard. Also it's sort of weird to think that you needed to drink alcohol to become hungry since basically everyone was starving all the time back then.

Anyway, one aperitif is called the negroni. It is a cocktail that is made, typically, with one part gin (a neutral spirit not unlike vodka, but with plant stuff, most commonly and notably, juniper [...]


Every Time You Think Things Can't Get Any Stupider Someone Adds An App Component

"For wine-lovers, the Miracle Machine is aptly named. The device helps you create your own wine at home in only a couple of days. All you need is the gadget and a smartphone."


How To Get Rid Of Bad Memories

"Men in their 40s who drink just two pints of beer a day risk accelerating mental decline by up to six years by the time they reach retirement age…. Moderate drinking, defined as less than 2.5 units a day – roughly a pint of beer or a large glass of wine – was found to have no effect on memory, reasoning or problem solving. But men who drank more than 4.5 units a day – less than two pints or two large glasses of wine – suffered a deterioration in their ability to recall information, the equivalent to an extra six years of ageing."


What's Our Alibi?

"Roughly 65 cases of 20-year-old Pappy Van Winkle bourbon were stolen in what looks to be an inside job from a secure area at Buffalo Trace Distillery’s Frankfort facility, according to Franklin County Sheriff Pat Melton. Melton said the theft was reported Tuesday and appears to have occurred over the past couple months. Detectives are investigating but have no suspects."


How To Have A Bartender Give You Delicious, Life-Saving Alcohol

"Smile, yell or wave – everyone has a theory about the best strategy for getting a drink in a busy bar. But scientists have conducted painstaking, or at least headache-inducing, research to work out the best method and discovered what nine out of 10 of us already know — that standing squarely to the bar and looking directly at the barman is the best way to get served."


Wacky Japanese Beers Inspire Sedate American Revulsion

"Kirin is selling 12 cocktails featuring its Ichiban Shibori beer leavened with mixers like pineapple, grapefruit or tomato juice, as well as cassis or lemon liqueur. The company calls them Ichiban Shibori Two-Tone Drafts, for the layers of color created in the glass before the beer and mixer are stirred. Even more unusual is Ichiban Shibori Frozen Draft, which is beer topped with frozen foam dispensed like soft-serve ice cream from a special tap. Asahi's new offering combines premium Asahi Super Dry beer and Calpis, a syrupy Japanese concoction inspired by a fermented-milk drink from Inner Mongolia and known in the U.S. as Calpico."


Saving Summer's Trashiest Cocktail: Make Way For The $21 Long Island Ice Tea

11 Madison Park is either a very good restaurant or the absolute best restaurant in New York City. It depends on whom you ask. But don't ask me: I've only had a drink at 11 Madison Park, and that drink was a Long Island Iced Tea. It came in a highball with four perfect cubes of ice and a wedge of lemon. It cost sixteen dollars and tasted just like college.

"I haven't served one of these in six months," the bartender told me. Like his peers at the other fine New York bars and restaurants where I have lately been ordering Long Island Iced Teas, he had repeated my [...]


Camille Paglia Still Doing Her Camille Paglia Thing

"As a libertarian, I support the decriminalization of marijuana, but there are many problems with pot. From my observation, pot may be great for jazz musicians and Beat poets, but it saps energy and will-power and can produce physiological feminization in men…. Alcohol’s enhancement of direct face-to-face dialogue is precisely what is needed by today’s technologically agile generation, magically interconnected yet strangely isolated by social media. Clumsy hardcore sexting has sadly supplanted simple hanging out over a beer at a buzzing dive. By undermining the art of conversation, the age 21 law has also had a disastrous effect on our arts and letters, with their increasing dullness and mediocrity. [...]


Now You Can Drink To Help Forget That You Are Smoking Fake Cigarettes

"The electronic cigarette lounge on Bedford Avenue may soon be able to serve beer and wine after the local community board's State Liquor Authority committee unanimously approved its license application Monday night. Being able to serve beer and wine will let MoVapes offer 'vapers' — as e-cigarette smokers are sometimes known — a laidback place to use the nicotine devices, owner Dr. Sathish Modugu told the board. 'It’s not about alcohol, it’s about the hobby of vaping,' he said, reassuring locals that MoVapes would stop serving alcohol if it gets too rowdy."


What Is The Flavor Of Having So Much Money You Don't Give A Shit About What You Piss It Away On?

Here's what the most expensive case of wine in the world tastes like.


I Can't Hear Myself Drink

"Ever wonder why there is loud music playing in so many bars, even though it makes it almost impossible to have a conversation? Newly published research suggests one good reason: It inspires faster drinking, at least among young women."


British Nights Out To Get More Expensive

"I don't see why the police service or the health service should pick up the duty of care for someone who has chosen to go out and get so drunk that they cannot look after themselves. So why don't we take them to a drunk cell owned by a commercial company and get the commercial company to look after them during the night until they are sober? When that is over, we will issue them with a fixed penalty and the company will be able to charge them for their care, which would be at a quite significant cost, and that might be a significant deterrent." —Will Britain privatize [...]


Fun Bad

"A hangover can leave you with more than a sore head in the morning – it impairs the way your brain holds and processes information, according to [...]