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When You Buy A Bunch Of Spider-Infested Bananas

"A family was forced to flee their home and have it fumigated after hundreds of potentially deadly spiders were found in a bunch of bananas bought at the local shop."


Just What Bananas Need: Plastic Packaging

Finally, bananas will be properly packaged: "Del Monte has come up with individual plastic packaging for bananas, a fruit that already comes in its own natural, biodegradable wrapper." [Via]


OMG Dan Baum Doing Storytime On Twitter

QUICK, everyone, quick! Dan Baum is explaining, in real time on Twitter, how he got fired from the New Yorker! Update: Gah! He pulled a cliffhanger!


I Should Have Stopped At "EDM Brunch"

"Libation's EDM Brunch offered 7½ hours of electronic dance music with a side of eggs. Partygoers typically arrived in the early afternoon, some wearing glowstick-festooned headbands, sunglasses or bracelets, and by 2 p.m., tables around the club were littered with used napkins and half-finished mimosas. The breakfast burrito and fruit plate garnered rave reviews. Andi Cross and Lex Houser, the hosts of the party and the owners of Bad Kids Clothing, a line of EDM-inspired gear, danced and mingled with their guests. They hail from Philadelphia, a city with a less robust club scene. 'This party is bananas,' said Ms. Cross, wearing a foam banana suit. Standing behind her, Ms. [...]


Hey, Look, Bananas Are Exploding on This Guy's Face!

Oh of course, the old bananas exploding on face trick! Next time I'd like to see it without the mask, buddy. And with apples. [Via]


Banana Wreaks Vengeance On Its Greatest Enemy: The Gorilla

To Ohio: "Police say that someone dressed up as a banana and attacked the Wireless Center's mascot, a gorilla, last week. 'I noticed a kid in the bushes. Then he just emerged, dressed up as a banana, and sprinted as fast as he could at our gorilla,' said Brandon Parham, the manager. 'The kid just speared our gorilla.' Parham and another employee witnessed the attack. 'The kid was in mid-air, flying. He just looked like a Spartan from that movie "300," except he was a banana,' added Parham." [Via]


Mr. Wrong: The Banana Lobby

The other day I went to the grocery store and selected two bananas to enjoy for my breakfast to go along with some nutritious and highly-educational coffee I conscientiously and economically prepared at home instead of my typical styro-purchase. I went to the register with my two bananas and handed the guy a 20-dollar bill for my 55-cent purchase. He looks at the 20 and says, "You gotta be kidding." So now I'm like fuck, somebody slipped me one of those fake double-sawbucks I always see taped up on the plexi at the liquor store(s), goddammit! How the fuck did I let that happen?!?