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All Hail the Mega Media Monopolies

The book industry is getting comfortable with the m-word: They are beginning to like the way it feels when it leaves their lips, the way it reads in interviews, the way it sounds in public conversation. Popular airport storyteller James Patterson recently told BookExpo: "If Amazon’s not a monopoly, it’s the beginning of one."

Amazon's pointedly cold conflict with Hachette, a company with a major part in Amazon's past and little obvious role in its future, at first felt personal—like, there must have been some bad blood, or a grudge, for Amazon to effectively de-list one of the largest publishers in the world, right? But the reality is [...]


Never, Ever Go To Canada! The $1723 AT&T iPhone Bill

It's never a good idea to go to Canada. And there were some other bad choices here-such as keeping the phone in "roaming" mode in a "foreign country," which, yes it is Canada but they do have a phone network. But no one should have to suffer like film publicist Reid Rosefelt: "I went to the Toronto Film Festival for 5 days and 4 hours and received a $1524 AT&T bill for data charges on top of the $199 paid for the first 200 MB. A total of $1723." And it ends… not well! "Eventually I found a sympathetic operator who filed a 4-page application for a full [...]


New World Seamless Order

Think of how much easier it will be to purchase Television Content and Internet Service when just one company provides it all! You could think grumpy thoughts about this—the emergence of two mega telecom companies in Comcast-Time Warner and AT&T-DirecTV—or just roooolllll with it, like a breeze over oceans of money.


AT&T's New Data Charging Scheme: It Is Explained!

I knew-because I saw a ton of pieces online about how the new AT&T data pricing was a great thing for America!-that actually it will be not at all a good thing. It is a delight to feel vindicated. Let the machine that writes Felix Salmon's blog posts explain: "AT&T could easily have saved consumers all the trouble of having to try to predict their next month's data usage by having a single plan: $15 for the first 200 MB, say, and then $10 per GB thereafter. They didn't, because they're looking forward to getting $30 per month from people exceeding 200 MB of data but who use nowhere [...]


Are You Getting Hosed by Your Internet Provider? Yessir!

Most New Yorkers will be happy to hear that, on average, Time Warner delivers 91% of promised internet upload/download speeds. Not terrible! Those of us who have AT&T as our Internet provider, however, should all be signing on for a class action lawsuit—although the results of this FCC survey of actual deliverables will not be a surprise to any of us who've benchmarked our speed and found it sorely, wildly lacking. And is anyone surprised that Comcast Cablevision (good morning! Things that start with "C"! More coffee please, interns!), a thoroughly terrible company (check the immense Cablevision archive at Consumerist, for starters!), comes out looking so terribly? (Related: [...]