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Content Honored

“Using Sidenotes, publishers and readers can generate thoughtful reactions to any type of online content from articles to lyrics to live updates and more. Whether inspired or curious for more information, a reader can Sidenote any part of an article—a paragraph, a sentence, a quote, or an image.” Comments on these individual "social objects" will be placed right alongside stories instead of way down below them (congratulations), but will be hidden by default (oh, hahaha). Of course nobody asked for this, or else it wouldn't be an innovation.


New Single Molecule Pictures Blow Insomniac's Mind

"We can see different physical properties of different bonds, and that's really exciting." —Dr. Leo Gross, an IBM scientist in Zurich, talks about why he likes Daniel Craig even more than Sean Connery. No. He's really talking about the fact that he and his colleagues recently published "single-molecule images so detailed that the type of atomic bonds between their atoms can be discerned." The pictures are amazing. The 13 atoms in this one molecule called a "fullerene" arrange themselves in a hexagonal shape that looks like a turtle (so, I guess that would be Timothy Dalton. Just kidding!) Or, if you're a religious person of the Jewish persuasion, [...]