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Ask "Them": "Why Don't You Feel an Obligation to Protect the Poor"?

I spent many summer nights as a teenager throwing water balloons at cars. It's not a terribly responsible or considerate thing to do, but it was either that or dry ice bombs, which never really seemed to work and almost always resulted in an intense, never-ending round of "It's not blowing up. Go screw the lid on tighter." "YOU go screw it on tighter." "No, YOU go screw it on tighter." I remember one particular night in which a car hadn't passed by for the better part of an hour. Just as we had decided to call it quits and go watch "The Arsenio Hall Show," headlights painted the [...]


Ask 'Them': Hello, I Voted For George Bush. Twice! Let's Talk!

President Obama recently spoke of the necessity to "actively" seek out "information that challenges our assumptions and our beliefs" in order to "understand where the people who disagree with us are coming from." I know that some of you run into the President at various Trilateral Commission drug parties and don't want to be caught short when he demands to know if you've complied with his counsel, so you probably need to engage in some dialogue with Americans who vote Republican, go to church and don't live in Brooklyn. Too bad you don't know any!