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Whose Nothing Is It Anyway?

"Art star Marina Abramović and London’s Serpentine Gallery have become embroiled in a row over 'nothing'. A prestigious group of curators and art historians have written to the gallery questioning why Abramović’s latest performance piece – due to open 11 June and about which she has repeatedly emphasised the importance of 'nothing' – fails to acknowledge the influence of another contemporary artist who has also made 'nothing' central to her work."


What Can Pictures Of Self-Absorbed People With Laptops Tell Us About Our Modern World?

Today in art:

On paper, it sounds like one of the worst ideas for a photo project: Portraits of bloggers? At their computers? But Gabriela Herman’s photos of exactly that are surprisingly thoughtful, deep and compelling. They bring out the hidden drama in an extremely passive-looking activity.

Herman’s Bloggers sheds light –- usually the glow of the laptop screen -– to the previously invisible rise of dormitory pundits. She shows us not only the physical spaces where blogging takes place and the people behind the blogs, but also the human connections made over those apartment wi-fi connections.

Hmmm! (You should note that the photo above is by [...]


The William S. Burroughs Doody Sculpture

"Sometimes you have to suffer for your art. Take, for example, a pair of artists who will are trying to extract DNA from the author William S. Burroughs' preserved poop. They want to create a 'mutant sculpture' for their forthcoming exhibit, 'Mutate or Die: a W.S. Burroughs Biotechnological Bestiary,' and plan to fire DNA-covered gold dust from a device called a gene gun into a mélange of sperm, blood and more excrement. But will this effort even work?"


Easter Parade

"It's unfortunate that Christmas and Easter have more to do with boosting the economy than with the birth and death of Jesus. Although I am not a Christian, I still find myself repulsed by the rampant commercialism that goes on." —Artist Ian Moir discusses his next work, a piece for Easter in which he will "[parade] a dead rabbit through the streets before crucifying its lifeless body on a cross."


The Enigmatic Performative Internet Art Of Lil B

Twenty-one-year-old Bay Area native Brandon McCartney is a rapper of an odd sort. For the better part of five years, since he was in high school, he's been rapping under the moniker Lil B. First he performed with three other high schoolers in the hip hop group the Pack, but he is now probably best known on his own, as a darling of music bloggers and readers of the Fader.

In addition to Lil B, he also calls himself the Based God because he plays Based music—a style he invented and which he is alone in performing. He's biggest on the internet, where his presence is unparalleled; he has [...]