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Rich People Looking At Art

While the herds fight over art and VIP access down at Art Basel Miami Beach, a reminder that some things never change.

This was it, the start of the Biennale proper: the onset of party-anxiety and invite-envy, the fear that there were better parties you’d not been invited to, a higher tier of pleasure that was forbidden to you…You could be at a tremendous party, full of fun people, surrounded by beautiful women, booze flowing, totally happy– but part of you would be in a state of torment because there was another party to which you’d not been invited. There was nothing to do about it.


This Weekend's Miserable Art Fairs

New York City was beset by art fairs this weekend. There was the New Art Dealers Association fair in Chelsea, and the Frieze fair on Randall's Island. Both were their first ventures in New York City. The Randall's Island thing was an ordeal, particularly if you are coming from Brooklyn, God forbid, though it's nice to spend the weekend on the East River and then also nice to have something to complain about. The location actually worked, but… Holland Cotter, writing in the Times, summed up the prevailing mode: "Now artists, whether they know it or not, are worker bees in an art-industrial hive. Directed by dealers and collectors [...]