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Dog Maligned

Tom Junod, noted potential fucker of hot forty-two-year-old women, on the American pit bull crisis: Every year, American shelters have to kill about 1.2 million dogs. But both pro- and anti-pit-bull organizations estimate that of these, anywhere from 800,000 to nearly 1 million are pit bulls. We kill anywhere from 2,000 to 3,000 pit bulls a day. They are rising simultaneously in popularity and disposability, becoming something truly American, a popular dog forever poised on the brink of extermination.


Your Connecticut Neighbors: Enough Is Enough LLC

"Robert and Ann Marie Burney are natives of Connecticut and childhood sweethearts. Robert served our nation in the U.S. Army, and has had a long-time career in the inspection department at a high-precision aerospace manufacturer…. In 2009, exasperated by a seemingly relentless cultural, political and economic drift from traditional and conservative values, Robert and Ann Marie decided to stop groaning and do something proactive and constructive to let the 'Silent Majority' be heard once again! Robert and Ann Marie have drawn their line in the sand to say 'Enough Is Enough!' Hence, Enough Is Enough LLC was born."