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A Whale of a Safe Space

When Twitter becomes too much, or a particularly noxious tab crosses your browser window, or you simply decide you can't take the Internet anymore, just breathe deeply, and return to this extremely soothing video of the American Museum of Natural History's forty-five-year-old, ten-and-a-half-ton fiberglass blue whale being cleaned. There. There. (via)


Sauropod Swindle! The Monstrous Lies of "The World's Largest Dinosaurs"

“Leave it as at is,” Theodore Roosevelt once said about the wonders of the Precambrian: “The ages have been at work on it, and man can only mar it.”

What a scandal that the institution co-founded by his father—and with Teddy Roosevelt's own outlandish equestrian statue out front, flanked by Red Indians—would prove the great man so pitifully right about history. (And in 2011, no less: the centennial of his legendary Bull Moose break from the Republican Party.)

The World’s Largest Dinosaurs—which opened at the American Museum of Natural History on April 16th and plays (if that can be the word for this inert, child-sneering exhibit) through the year—purports to [...]