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Death of a Mr. Dream

The first Mr. Dream show was on Halloween night, 2008 in a New York City apartment. Adam Moerder, Matt Morello, and Nick Sylvester dressed up as Dhalsim from Street Fighter, Daniel Day-Lewis and “the Karate Kid [after] letting himself go (concept costume),” respectively, and played to a room that included “two furious girls who kept trying to dance and failing, since you can't really dance to a band that sounds like Nirvana, or the Wipers.” Over the next five years the band would go on to release a few EPs and an LP; tour with Archers of Loaf, Sleigh Bells, CSS, and Cloud Nothings; and sing in the [...]


21 Best Albums of 2010–With No Kanye On It

Wouldn't you find it refreshing to read a list of the 21 Best Albums of 2010 that does not at all include Kanye West? I know I certainly did!


Bruce Springsteen Albums, In Order

17. Working On a Dream

16. Magic

15. Human Touch

14. We Shall Overcome: The Seeger Sessions

13. Wrecking Ball