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Bruce Springsteen, "Highway To Hell"

I don't think the guy who replaced Bon Scott needs to worry about his job, but there is something about this tribute to the late Bon Scott performed in his home country of Prison Island that delights me. Younger readers, to whom this will just be another example of one guy from the '70s covering the music of another guy from the '70s, may be less impressed, but they've got an entire world of emoji and Avicii records and Nickelodeon-themed quizzes out there dedicated to keeping them amused now, it's not going to kill them to let the old people have [...]


Indonesian Government Using Huge, Swinging Balls To Deter Unsafe Train Travel

"I was really scared when I first heard about these balls. It sounds like it could be really dangerous. But I don't think it will last long. They have tried everything to keep us from riding… but in the end we always win." —Twenty-seven-year-old "train surfer" Mulyanto, who rides on the roof of the overcrowded train from Bogor to Jakarta every day for work, on the Indonesian government's installation of large metal balls that hang from chains just above train-level at stations and track crossings. The balls are meant to stop the practice, which led to eleven accidental deaths last year. But, damn, it seems like those balls [...]


Should You Buy All 778 AC/DC Songs Now Available On iTunes?

After years of holding out as "refuseniks," the great Australian heavy metal band AC/DC has finally made their catalogue available through iTunes. "Sixteen studio albums, four live albums and three compilations, which have sold more than 150 million physical copies worldwide," as the BBC reports—a total of 778 songs. Now, if there was ever a band for which you did not need to buy 778 songs it is AC/DC. I love them with all my heart, but they are pretty clearly the band being referred to in the scene in Spinal Tap when a record review says, "The musical growth rate of this band cannot even be [...]


Thirteen Songs Inspired By Serial Killers

Apart from being terrifying and horrific, serial killers are oddly fascinating. Why do we find ourselves so obsessed over them? Is it just the fear and revulsion, or is something else at play? And it's not just us. Songwriters are often inspired by serial killers. Here are thirteen songs with extremely sinister origins.


There's A War On The Color Pink Now?

"True, no single wavelength of light appears pink. Pink requires a mixture of red and purple light—colors from opposite ends of the visible spectrum. Easy enough to do, and no seeming threat to pink’s ontological status." —Scientific American's Michael Moyer decries "the absurd war on the color pink." I didn't even know there was such a war. But there apparently is. They're trying to do Cam'ron's favorite color like Pluto. There's no "p" in Roy G. Biv, say the haters. Some of them even say that pink should really be called "minus green."