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A$AP Mob, "Trillmatic"

This is pretty much the A$AP Nast and Method Man show, but all the other A$APs at least get a look in, and apparently we're going to get an entire A$AP collection pretty soon. That's a whole lot of A$APs going on. It's an abundance of A$APs. It is all A$AP'd up in this piece. A$AP etc.


A$AP Rocky, "Purple Kisses"

Rap is so crazy drugged-out right now. This new A$AP Rocky video—with its molasses-slow sample of Linda Rondstadt's "It's So Easy to Fall In Love" and kaleidescopic camera tricks—makes you think the young Harlem rapper is jealous of Andre 3000's getting to play Jimi Hendrix in the Jimi Hendrix biopic. And Gunplay, an underrated member of Rick Ross's Maybach Music group, has a new mixtape coming out called, hilariously, 106 & Snort. There's a good song on 106 & Snort called "Take This," which, you will not be surprised to learn, is about cocaine.


A$AP Rocky Meets David Letterman

I'm not loving all the new A$AP Rocky music so far. Of the two songs he performed on David Letterman's show last night, I definitely prefer the first one—the syrupy title track to his new album, LongLiveA$AP—over the hectic techno squawk of the second one, "Wild For the Night." But even if the stuff doesn't grow on me, or you, it's worth watching him start his rhyming while reclining on a golden throne (a nod to '80s great Big Daddy Kane.) And DJs Clark Kent and A-Trak cutting records behind him. And the lightning-quick fingers of producer Araabmusic as he types out the beats on an [...]


A$AP Rocky With 2 Chainz, Kendrick Lamar And Drake, "F***in' Problems"

I bring you this new A$AP Rocky video sadly. Not because it's not good. I really like it, actually. It's just that, well, it features guest performances from three of the hottest stars in rap music—Atlanta's 2 Chainz, L.A.'s Kendrick Lamar and Toronto's Drake—and Drake's is, okay, hands-down the best part of the song. Check out the 24-second, 95-word riff he spins off the phrase "I know you love it when this beat is on" that starts at the 1:40 mark. Written in tight iambic pentameter, it's clever and well-thought-out and infectious and just… God damn it! I hate Drake. He is about the least attractive personality to [...]