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A$AP Ferg, "Let It Go"

I know, we're all tired and behind right now, but tonight at 7 when there is still plenty of visible light you will realize that it's totally worth it. In the meantime, this should help wake you up, although I would certainly recommend headphones if you are at work.


Onyx, A$AP Ferg And Sean Price Are Emphatically Not Interested

You know, if Onyx, A$AP Ferg and Sean Price don't fucking care, can you imagine how I feel? Never has a track better reflected my "oh my God are you kidding me with this week" Friday ennui. Enjoy. [Via]


A$AP Mob, "Trillmatic"

This is pretty much the A$AP Nast and Method Man show, but all the other A$APs at least get a look in, and apparently we're going to get an entire A$AP collection pretty soon. That's a whole lot of A$APs going on. It's an abundance of A$APs. It is all A$AP'd up in this piece. A$AP etc.