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Prices For Death From Above Show On The High Side

You know, I can barely choke back my outrage at paying fifteen bucks to watch a big-budget flick where I know I can turn off my brain for two hours and just let the idiocy carry me away. $24 to go see a bunch of twisted and burnt wreckage commemorating one of this city's most difficult days seems like a tough sell.


People Who Moved Next To Giant Hole In Ground Shocked By Noise Of Construction

"This is a luxury apartment, and the only luxury I have is this nightmare." —Nick Oram, who lives near Ground Zero, is upset by the sounds of rebuilding.


Millennials Perfect Art Of Writing Comical Thinkpieces

"It is often forgotten that the millennial generation’s collective consciousness was awakened with 9/11. This was then followed by the Iraq War and the Great Recession. It is difficult for members of other generations to grasp, much less empathize with, the feelings and world view that develop when you live through the rough equivalents of Pearl Harbor, Vietnam and the Great Depression all before you graduate college."


Column Filed

"Yes, of course it could happen here. Just park and enter the Queens Center Mall on a sunny Monday morning and you see how soft a target it is for terrorist gunmen like the ones who slaughtered dozens of shoppers at the Westgate Mall in Nairobi. Go do some shopping as the hostage situation in Africa airs live on TV and feel the big, fat bull’s-eye on your back — especially as the holidays approach, when we will jam malls like this one across the country. But if you’re a New [...]