When Will I Make Up All This Lost Sleep?

Do you lay awake some nights with the pillow clamped over your eyes to keep out the light from the streets, your breath labored as you try to set the racing thoughts at bay, listing numbers very slowly and almost drifting off before an errant fear jumps to the front of the line in your consciousness and snaps you back awake? Do you sigh to yourself and resume the slow count, knowing that it won't really work but trying all the same, because what else are you going to do, it's way too early to call it morning and you're already in short supply of sleep because everything you [...]


What Does How You Sleep Say About You?

"Do you sleep like a log? Or are you more of a yearner, a freefaller or a foetal? The position you choose while sleeping reveals a startling amount about your personality, according to body language expert Robert Phipps. Mr Phipps has identified four positions and says the foetal – most favoured by worriers – is by far the most common." —I guess it's no dumber than astrology.


An Incredibly Boring Tour of New York City

"Thomas Wolfe put the finishing touches on Look Homeward, Angel while living on the second floor of 27 W 15th Street in 1928": A literary tour of New York City that you should never bother to take. Look, here's an alley where someone once walked! (via)