You Don't Say

Black-Hating Party Probably Racist

"Let’s face it. If you ask me, there’s no he said/she said here. The Republican Party is only a viable entity because of Southern racism."


"Bank of America Features Malcolm Gladwell"

"Taking another step in its ongoing effort to encourage small business growth, Bank of America today announced it has conducted a series of events with Malcolm Gladwell to deliver quality education and actionable advice to small business owners in various markets throughout the country." —THE HECK???


Dude In Tights Totally Gay

Welp, they made Green Lantern a homo.


Website Victimized By Massive PR Opportunity

Terrible news on the Internets!

A social networking site for "beautiful people" has been hit by a "Shrek" virus which allowed tens of thousands of "ugly" applicants to sign up. Members of must traditionally pass a strict "rating" stage where existing users vote on whether someone is attractive enough to be accepted into the online community. But this screening process was brought down last month, allowing anyone to join, regardless of their looks. Owners today apologised to more than 30,000 "unfortunate" people who were "wrongly admitted" to the site and subsequently banished.

How unlucky for the company! Perhaps they can take solace in the fact that this [...]


Internet Still Talking About 'Girls'

"[Lena Dunham] grew up in New York, and you can see it in her clothes and body: no white girl allows herself to look like that if she didn’t admire the rounder shapes, and more complicated stylings, that women of color tend to pursue as their idea of beauty." —There's so much going on in here. [Via]


Fox News Watchers May Be Getting Bad Information

A shocking study on misinformation in the 2010 election has found that "Fox News viewers are the most misinformed of any news consumers." I'll give you all a moment to retrieve your mandibles from the carpet.