21 Lies Writers Tell Themselves (And How They Can Stop Lying To Themselves And Become Awesome!)*

1. Underwear is definitely pants.

This has been an issue, I believe, ever since the first writer ever worked at home.

A general guideline: underwear isn’t pants. That is, you can’t tell yourself, “At least I put on pants today,” if it was just underwear—and no, you shouldn’t sign for a delivery like that.

There's no shame in working in your skivvies, though. Victor Hugo used to get undressed and have his valet take his clothes away. Be proud; just know that it's not pants you've got on. Now go back to work.

2. All you need to be a writer is talent.

Despite the success of [...]


Ego Checks You May Encounter As A Blogger-Turned-Book-Writer

Just because an agent approaches you doesn’t mean you have a good book idea. The agent may have heard of you and figures that if you’ve written a million words online, you might be willing to publish 60,000 of them in a book. But the things you wrote might not make sense for a book. While the agent might love you and your voice, she might not be so hot on your other ideas, which can be confusing. Didn’t the other ideas come from you and your voice?

Just because you write most of a book doesn’t mean you can finish and sell a book. Doesn’t it seem like [...]