Why Not

Third "Sex and the City" Movie Threatened

In this one, the first 40 minutes are just the ladies on a rooftop in Williamsburg, throwing rotten vegetables at the 20-somethings below. Then Miranda does a $12-million Kickstarter to fund her new boutique law firm. Charlotte fires her household staff. Samantha has sex with some men. Carrie, now single, writes a column for XO Jane and, whilst picking up her $45 check in the office, meets Lena Dunham and then goes home and hangs herself. Sounds good, can't wait!


Come Celebrate the East Village's Bodegas Tomorrow

From the inbox: BODEGA WALK SATURDAY, Saturday February 2nd @ Noon 11th Street and Avenue A. Join us!!!!

As part of our resistance against the incursion of 7-11s into the East Village we are inviting you to come with us on the first walking tour of our neighborhood bodegas. We love these corner stores and need them to stay open and intact. When a 7-11 opens the bodegas nearby always take a hit, often a lethal one. During Sandy bodegas remained open and gave their perishable food away. Whole Foods didn’t. Will 7-11? The existence of each of these unique bodegas supports the reality that our neighborhood is a [...]


Die Huffington Post (Or, Das Huffington Boot)

"The Huffington Post has just signed a deal with Spanish newspaper El Pais to produce… El Huffington Post. 'I'm really excited about this partnering model,' said Huffington, who also recently signed off on a French site (Le Huffington Post), with the Paris-based paper Le Monde." —We can laugh all we want, and we surely will, but there's gold in them thar hills. Looking forward, of course, to Die Huffington Post(zeit).