What Work Is

Skin Colorists Bad

"The things I could tell you about that business. ALL the very specific gossip, powertripping, speculation, back biting, back stabbing, treachery, smoke and mirrors bullshit, drug dealing shop owners, client fuckers fucking clients in the shop during business hours, control freak OSHA types, suppliers selling misrepresented crap, lying machine builders, lip service paid to proper sterilization techniques while obliviously cross contaminating shop from HiV+ client. And bikers. And scammers. No FDA approval for tattoo pigment. 'Tattoo Pigment' that is actually low end acrylic craft paint. And [...]


Working Digital: The Brutal Truth

“I send emails to people telling them what to do. I send those emails after my boss sends me an email telling me to send those people emails telling them what to do. If you think about it, my boss could send those emails directly to those other people, and I could just stay home. But then I’d miss all the meetings where no one listens to each other but just tries to show how smart they are or that they read last Sunday’s Times and that we should copy what they did.” —What do people in the digital media industry [...]


Are You Ready To Kill Your Busybody Co-Worker Yet? Because He Is Killing You.

"Every office has (at least) one—the colleague who is always walking fast, finishing other people's sentences and racing from meeting to meeting while fielding email, texts and voice mail on multiple devices. That person can appear very important. They may not know it, but they're usually causing secondhand stress."