What Really Matters

Art In Jeopardy

"With a ruling by a federal judge on Tuesday that Detroit is eligible to enter bankruptcy, the fate of the city’s art collection — one of the finest in the country — now moves front and center in the legal battle over the city’s future."


Is Barack Obama Still America's Cool Uncle?

In less than a month, thank god, Election Day will be here and then gone. There are more debates, and more October Surprises, and many more tens of millions of dollars to be spent on horrifying television commercials, and then we can finally go back to "fantasy football" or whatever people do with their time.

Despite being too conservative and too much of a warmonger for many liberals' taste, Barack Obama will most likely win a second term because who else are we going to vote for, that nice lady who shares our views exactly, on that Facebook poll? As far as presidents go, with their whole Commander [...]


Something Something Earthquake

Here is what we know now about the magnitude 5.8 earthquake that shook the foundations of New York City (and, I guess, some other places): Although I was forced to walk down (and then back up) four flights of stairs during the evacuation, I am for the most part fine. My ice coffee is a little warm now, but other than that—and the unwanted exercise—I want America to rest assured that I, national treasure Alex Balk, survived unscathed. As you were.