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Let Us Again Praise NYC Parks Genius Adrian Benepe

As it's likely that Mike Bloomberg won't get a fourth term—[pause for mild, uncomfortable laughter]—our time with New York City Parks Comissioner Adrian Benepe will likely come to an end next year. This may be the penultimate spring during which we can enjoy his good works. Despite that he's lost almost a quarter of Parks Dept. staff over the last four years, and that he's has had budget cuts for each of the last three years, many of New York City's parks look pretty amazing. It's bearded iris season! Right now! There's flowers everywhere! And there's smart, sustainable, well-sited plantings for shady areas and sunny areas alike. So as [...]


NYC's Greatest Commish Helps You Smell the Flowers, Poop

New York City's greatest administrator, Parks & Rec Commish Adrian Benepe, has folded or wadded in the face of the bizarre Coney Island toilet-paper rationing disaster. (Workers or their superiors took it upon themselves to ration out toilet-paper.) Today Benepe comes out swinging: "It's our business to help New Yorkers do theirs." THAT'S GOOD STUFF. As we have noted before at length, Benepe is responsible for much of the recent beautification of New York City. For instance, did you go down to the Hudson last night for the fireworks? (Surely you did, because apparently everyone was there, it looked like Cloverfield on the way home, with people [...]