Very Recent History

The Miata Is 25

Apart from a rooting interest in the major professional sports and an inability to dress with anything approaching "style" (or even "color coordination") I have spent my whole life as a dismal failure in the matter of exhibiting most of the markers of traditional American masculinity. I don't lift weights or play glorified forms of catch or enjoy strip clubs or shoot guns or know which highways get you to places faster or mow lawns or like or own or possess the ability to differentiate between tools or even know what they would be handy for. I prefer wine to beer. But my red-bloodedness has been especially deficient in [...]


Bad News For People Who Loved 'Good News'

Not gonna lie, this one hurts.


The Hockey Riots Of Yesteryear

"Here's a look back at Canada's most memorable hockey-inspired civil disturbances."


"Staten Island Dance Party" Would Be A Good Name For A Band

Were the early '90s good anywhere?


Pictures Old

For a really great glimpse of a time not too long ago, take a look at these scenes from the London Underground in the 1970s and 80s. You will probably enjoy them more if you don't consider how everyone in the pictures is either dead now or rapidly approaching that point, so try not to think about it that way.


Historical Perspective Now Tops Out At Five Years

"Perhaps the best analogy to Lady Gaga’s trajectory is the rise and fall of the Showtime series 'Homeland.'"


Nostalgia Creeps Closer Each Year

"Setting up a new iOS device earlier this week, I skimmed through the list of apps I’ve installed over the years and I got nostalgic about the early days of the smartphone revolution."


Movie Old

"It opened April 14, 1989, and that weekend, it made $5.2 million. It wasn't enough to come anywhere close to what Major League pulled down in its second week ($9.1 million), but it was enough to come in one slot ahead of the opening weekend of the Tony Danza comedy She's Out Of Control ($4.6 million)." —Say Anything is 25 years old, as are all the unfulfilled hopes and aspirations of your youth, including but not limited to the dream you had of making a difference in the lives of people other than your friends and [...]


Happy Exxon Valdez Day!

"Twenty-five years ago on March 24, the oil tanker Exxon Valdez slammed into Bligh Reef and spilled more than 11 million gallons of crude oil into the cold, clear waters of Alaska's Prince William Sound — one of the 'last best places' on Earth. The oil charged through Prince William Sound and out into the Gulf of Alaska, damaging more than 1,300 miles of some of the most remote, wild shoreline in this country. This happened 25 years ago, so we might note the anniversary as we do any other historical event. That, however, would imply that the oil spill is over. [...]


The Places From The Godfather Where Are They Now

"Because the film is a period piece, The Godfather actually presents a fascinating record of what 1940s-era New York City locations still existed in the early-1970s. Sadly, many of them are now gone. What still remains? Let’s take a closer look."


Dark Dangerous Power Anthem For All Romantically Mistreated Teens In The Mid-2000s Identified

If you had to guess, what would you say was "the dark, dangerous power anthem for all romantically mistreated teens in the mid-2000s"? I will even allow you to hazard a supposition if you were a romantically mistreated teen in the mid-2000s. Was it this?


Remember Britpop? Hahaha, That Means You Are Old And Will Die Soon

It is nice to see some love for the Divine Comedy and the Auteurs.


"Phone Company" Was How We Used To Say "Tech Company"

"Since 2005, parts or all of 14 Manhattan sites have been sold or are in contract to be sold by Verizon, the successor to New York Telephone, property records show. The sales reflect the once vast scope of the old phone company's real-estate holdings, everything from two-story garages to modern towers to Art Deco skyscrapers. A telephone-exchange building that dates to 1917 is now on the market by Verizon on West 36th Street near Seventh Avenue as a potential hotel site. No asking price has been set. Properties are also on the market in Philadelphia and Boston. The Art Deco edifices were designed to illustrate the grandeur and power of [...]


What Pong Was

"For those youngsters unfamiliar with it, Pong was a rudimentary video game that seemed nothing short of miraculous when it first appeared in the mid-'70s. It consisted of two cursors meant to simulate players' table tennis rackets. An electronic ball (though my recollection is that it more closely resembled a puck) traveled between them, careening off in unexpected directions when struck. The challenge was to avoid letting the ball get by you."


Salman Rushdie Still Miffed At Cat Stevens For That Whole "Calling For His Death" Thing

Dear Rock & Roll Hall of Fame, this is who you're inducting tonight. Congratulations. @YusufCatStevens @RollingStone

— Salman Rushdie (@SalmanRushdie) April 10, 2014

And you thought putting KISS in there was the outrage.


Standards So Devalued That Even '80s Dylan Okay Now

"When you ask someone to name a Bob Dylan song or album from the 1980s, you usually get a blank stare in return. Bob Dylan In The 80s: Volume One helps to answer this question." —I was going to say that this assertion is incorrect, but you know what? It may very well be true. I can of course name several Bob Dylan songs or albums from the 1980s, but then again I was there when it happened. I personally remember the gnashing of teeth and rending of garments that occurred with each [...]


The Neighborhood Is Changing

"The generation of 'pioneers' who moved into the declining area a little more than a decade ago complain now that the Slope is changing. Their friends who rent are being forced out by rising prices and co-op conversions. Laundromats and grocery stores have been displaced by boutiques. Parking spaces are suddenly hard to find and families with children are moving in less frequently. The buzz word for the latest arrivals is 'lawyers from Manhattan.' 'We face a cold, hard, inhuman world created by Citibank and its ilk,' announced the neighborhood bakery…" [[...]


Things Used To Be More Genuine, Says Man From The '90s

"I think the indie culture that I was familiar with in the '80s had, I believe, more of a revolutionary spirit, and I feel that in this day and age, post-Nevermind, a lot of indie bands are a little too calculated. They're hiring a manager and an attorney before they start their first rehearsal. They'll gear up and try to license music for TV shows and commercials. I'm from more of the punk era where bands just created art for the sake of art. When you go back and look at the time period that is presented in [Experiencing Nirvana], 1989 with bands like Sonic Youth and Mudhoney and Nirvana, [...]


The Panics Of Yesteryear

What do you suppose we'll be looking back on twenty years from now and saying, "Can you imagine people ever falling for this shit?"


Neanderthals Were Just Like Today's Brooklynites

"They are frequently portrayed as primitive cave-dwelling brutes, but it seems that Neanderthals were the original home makers. A study of archaeological remains at a site where Neanderthals lived up to 100,000 years ago has shown that they carefully organised their shelters. Activities like butchering [...]