Esquire: "Steal The Bob Costas Olympic Look"

Do you want to "get the look" sported atop Bob Costas' head? Esquire will tell you how to get that hair. HOW/WHY? I cannot imagine. His hair is terrible! It seems… perhaps unreal! "Monochromatic and/or synthetic," says the Chicago Tribune. I disbelieve his hair!

On the other side of his head, however, you could totally get that Bob Costas face-look—but it'll cost you a pretty penny.


Astrologist Susan Miller Predicts Government Shutdown

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With Mercury retrograde until April 23, chances are strong that the US government will run out of money and temporarily shut do on Friday.less than a minute ago via web Favorite Retweet ReplyAstrology Zoneastrologyzone

I guess it's official. (via every woman we know on the Internet)


"The Top 10 Most Beautiful Women Executed in China"

I really call the methodology of this list into question. I'm sure there were plenty of beautiful women executed in China that just weren't photographed well! When will we give these other executed women appropriate credit for their astonishing good looks? (Related: "NSFW: When Does The Portrayal Of Young Girls Become Too Sexualized?" Well, one thought: perhaps when it's put in a highly clickable slideshow.)