True Story

How 25 National Magazine Award Nominations Went To 25 Male Writers

Last week, the American Society of Magazine Editors released its list of nominees for the 2012 National Magazine Award. In the so-called "brass ring" long-form categories—reporting, feature writing, profile writing, essays and criticism and columns and commentary—all 25 of the writers nominated were men.

For an organization that usually gets talked about exactly twice a year—once when it announces the nominations, and again when it declares the winners—suddenly people had a lot to say about ASME.

"Women can’t write, says ASME," went the Daily News headline. David Carr called it a "sausage-fest." Disdain for the organization manifested in the Twitter hashtag #ASSME.

It's easy to imagine the [...]


“Humans like GIFs."

“Humans like GIFs. Humans like super famous 13-year-olds who don’t look or act 13. Humans like to see other humans making asses of themselves and wear very expensive dresses. HUMANS LIKE SWEEPING GENERALIZATIONS." —Mary H.K. Choi offers a pretty good assessment of what people are on about.


What Happens When One's Website Suddenly Dies

For the first time in history, for one night, both the staff of The Awl and the staff of n+1 were separately having the exact same conversations at the same time. (Actually there was that one other time, back in January, when both publications experienced a simultaneous a craving for chutney.) This is the sad and frightening tale of what it's really like when your server goes kaput.