Summer in Siberia

One thing they never get right in the movies is that right before the Bad Thing happens, when it's clear that something is starting to go wrong, real people usually just laugh. Nervous chuckles and low speech, then screams, as the sky begins to fall. Unless you're in Siberia! In which case the laughing never quite stops. [Via]


Hitchhiking to the End of the World

Sandwiched between a hulking grey backpack and an expandable bag on my chest, I stand on the shoulder of a steep road that winds up from a surreal aqua lake. I’m on the edge of the pristine Aspen-like town San Martin de los Andes in Argentina’s northern Patagonia. I have a purpose here. I just decided one hour ago: I am hitchhiking to Ushuaia, the southernmost tip in South America. I am hitchhiking to the End of the World.

I’ve been in the country for a month and only hitchhiked once before. I don’t know what I’m doing. "Stick out your thumb higher,” two passing Chilean hitchhikers call out [...]


The Cost of Being Robbed While Traveling Abroad

Let me start by acknowledging that yes, it could have been much worse, and for that matter, it could have been much more expensive. But still, a man walked away with my purse, the police were disinterested at best, and I’ve had to shell out money and accept that some things are just gone.

I’ve been traveling solo for 14 out of the last 20 months, so I figure I know how to look after myself and my stuff. But it’s easy to get complacent in that time, and complacency leads to carelessness; all it takes is a moment of carelessness, if an opportunistic thief is around.

I was sitting [...]