Tough All Over

Weeds Irksome

Yes, winter here in New York has been rough, what with the constant cold weather and the repeated snowfalls and the continuous lack of light feeding the feeling of anguish and solitude that always lurks just below the surface at even the sunniest of times but has never been so insistent and pervasive as it has been during this seemingly endless period of sorrow and depression which has turned even the most cheerful of your acquaintances into dejected, dull-eyed automatons shuffling through life without purpose or hope, but out west they have a bad tumbleweed problem, so I'm sure things are no picnic there either. [Related]


21st Century American Citizens Still Being Forced To Use Lotus Notes

"Emails would take hours, and sometimes days, to be delivered through the Notes servers. It became common practice to text people to have them watch for and confirm sent emails. The redundancy drove me crazy."