Thought For The Day

Oh, Great, Sincerity's Back

"David Foster Wallace was right: Irony is ruining our culture"


What The Smiths Taught Me About Business

"In business as in personal relationships, there can be such a thing as a beautiful exit, one that 'avoids, as much as possible, hurting the disengager, the other party, and the connected network.' Being good at relationships means knowing how to end it in a constructive rather than a destructive way. The experience of the Smiths points to the importance of exiting a relationship gracefully."


This Is Not A Subtweet

Every single feeling does not need to be shared. Frankly, we'd all be better off if you kept most of them to yourself.


You Might Be A Troll If

If you don't know who the troll is, maybe you are living under a bridge and hurling invective at goats in the hope that one of them might fall into your gaping maw, satiating your terrible hunger with the sweet and bountiful pleasure that only rich, filling goat meat can provide. You could be the troll, is what I'm saying. Don't act like it's impossible. Because it's not. Troll.


Where Is The Camera Going?

"Photography was once an act of intent, the pushing of a button to record a moment. But photography is becoming an accident, the curatorial attention given to captured images."


What A Selfie Is

"In a time when feelings of insecurity run high and people shy away, the selfie is an instant of boldness."


Man Finds Album Underwhelming

"When people say it makes more sense when you see them live, that’s usually a surefire sign that their record is going to suck."


Ask Yourself, "Am I A Vet Or A Pet Store?"

"If you aren’t a vet or pet store, don’t share little cat memes!"


You Won't Believe Where You're Getting Your Marxism From Now

"[T]he very universal accessibility of The Onion reflects just how deeply ingrained Marxist critiques of capitalism are in our culture."


You'll Never Believe What This Generation's Equivalent To The Market Square Of The Middle Ages Is

"When we write, we fashion pieces of ourselves into our writing. Some words stay with those who read them forever, and that is what I have always loved about reading and writing. We have the opportunity to see places we have never been, and meet people who died long before we were born. The magic lies within the recognition of emotions we also feel, thoughts we agree with, even across hundreds of years. We are all human, and we are writing to assess this uncanny experience."


Shitting: An Epistemological Cognition

My freshman year roommate took all her clothes off to poop. She had no idea this wasn't normal. I think about this a lot.

— Katie Notopoulos (@katienotopoulos) December 5, 2013

One day she mentioned something like "yeah so I was taking my shirt off in the bathroom" or something, and I was like "wait, what?"

— Katie Notopoulos (@katienotopoulos) December 5, 2013

She was genuinely thought everyone did this. She was disgusted that I would leave my shirt on while pooping.

— Katie Notopoulos (@katienotopoulos) December 5, 2013

I guess like, we go through life not knowing what other people are up to [...]


Hashtag Freighted

"A hashtag is the Greek chorus of the Internet. It tells everyone what the theme is, but it doesn’t do it very well. It’s the laugh-track-gone-concerned on an ‘80s sitcom’s Very Special Episode—that hushed 'ooh'when something bad (yet solvable!) is about to happen. It’s what you mutter to someone in line next to you—who’s not listening. It’s lazy writing. It’s tell, don’t show. It’s a group of backup singers, lip-syncing."


The 2 Simple Things You Need To Know To Chessbox

"If you know how to play chess and you know how to box, you know how to chessbox."


Are You As Good At Twitter As A Teen?

"Twitter may not be something you want to be good at, but to being good at twitter means being as much like a sixteen year old as possible."


Thing Used To Be Better: People From Before

It's not my role to tell people when #SxSW stopped being weird and interesting; but if you listen to the old-timers, they say around '08.

— Jason Pontin (@jason_pontin) March 11, 2014

Man, remember '08?


Don't Read This If You Want To Retain Any Hope For The Future

"Simon's points are well-taken, but this article is pretty damn amazing to someone like me who was in junior high when Friends was at it's peak. I won't say I knew people who overtly coveted their lives, but the disconnect and bizarre implausibility of everything was not something that we were aware of. We had no perspective on what a 20-something should be doing or how they should behave and what their lives should look like. I never realized how unrealistic it was, what terrible gender stereotypes it promoted, how problematic the relationships were — they were just funny, charming, and good-looking. It makes a lot of sense now reading [...]


Have You Checked Your Twitter Feed's Privilege Recently?

"While I’m ashamed to admit it, building out my [Twitter] feed made me think critically for the first time about the gender balance and racial diversity of my [Twitter] feed. Before the purge, my [Twitter] feed, which was assembled in small parts over a long period, in the contexts of industries that have their own issues with diversity, was predominantly white and male. While I can’t say confidently that my [Twitter] feed is now a paragon of diversity, the process of cleaning out and rebuilding [...]


What Wave Of Feminism Did Your Favorite SATC Character Represent?

"As I’ve written elsewhere—and argued, often drunkenly, at cocktail parties—the four friends operated as near-allegorical figures, pegged to contemporary debates about women’s lives, mapped along three overlapping continuums. The first was emotional: Carrie and Charlotte were romantics; Miranda and Samantha were cynics. The second was ideological: Miranda and Carrie were second-wave feminists, who believed in egalitarianism; Charlotte and Samantha were third-wave feminists, focussed on exploiting the power of femininity, from opposing angles. The third concerned sex itself. At first, Miranda and Charlotte were prudes, while Samantha and Carrie were libertines. Unsettlingly, as the show progressed, Carrie began to [...]


Any Way You Figure It, Aerosmith Is Old

"'Cryin’' is as old now as 'Dream On' was when 'Cryin’' came out."


Nerds Urged To Reconsider Object Of Nerdery

"Dear Nerds: If you’re getting upset that fucking Hollywood is too diverse for you, you need to have a long, hard look at the inherent racism of your racist-ass medium."