Things to Watch

The Club Scene Thirty Years Ago

"This is a special feature from a UK programme 'The Tube' broadcast in the early 80's. The presenters are Jools Holland & Leslie Ash. This excerpt try's to give a brief insight into the current New York dance club scene. It features famous clubs such as the Paradise Garage, Danceteria, The Roxy and a quick outside look at the grunge/rock club CBGB." [Via]


A Brief Documentary About A Bakery In Brooklyn

Most of this video will delight you and even the small part that does not (and if you watch it all the way through you'll know exactly what I'm talking about) is so short that it isn't even worth getting upset about. Ya got 8 minutes? Ya got time to watch this.


Art Demystified

"I kept noticing instances where internet memes – planking, old me, new me, etc – and collaborative online video projects were really not so dissimilar from early conceptual art and its contemporary predecessors. There are numerous examples in art history of artists giving themselves or others instructions as a form of art-making. I saw this overlap as a possible way of exposing the internet generations to contemporary art, and as a way of legitimizing and celebrating the enormous creative output that the internet and social media has made possible. Also, I've been working in a museum field that is increasingly worried about its relevance and its ability to attract new [...]


Woman Interviewed

If you would like to spend a couple of hours in the company of Joni Mitchell you should go here. It's not a terrible way to pass the time, although she will make you want to smoke, so consider that if you're somewhere such a thing would be difficult to do.


Goodnight Earth

Would you like to take a tour of the earth from space? Then please allow Dr. Justin Wilkinson of the International Space Station to be your guide. Fair warning: If today's shockingly dingy weather is making you sleepy, the twinkly music in the background here is certainly not going to do anything to help. Anyway, enjoy. It's pretty beautiful. Yes, even the moon part. [Via]


'TimeScapes: The Movie'

"TimeScapes is the debut film from award-winning cinematographer and director Tom Lowe. The film features stunning slow-motion and timelapse cinematography of the landscapes, people, and wildlife of the American South West. Lowe spent 2 years roaming the Southwest in his Toyota pickup truck shooting the film." —Ummm, it looks pretty cool. Plus there's a bear in it! You'll definitely want to go fullscreen on this.



If you put on your headphones and expand this clip to fill your screen you can imagine that you are deep in outer space, watching the planets, far away from your home and all the problems that plague your life. It's just you and Saturn and… nothingness. Sweet, sweet nothingness. The calming joy of oblivion. Anyway, it's a pretty cool video. [Via]


Skies Troubled

This time lapse video of a storm in Dallas conveys both the overwhelming awe one feels when confronted by the majesty of nature and the overwhelming joy one feels about not being anywhere near Dallas. [Via]


Video Amusing

I won't defile our special space by putting it up here, but I have to say, that video of the animatronic devil baby that is going around? It made me laugh at least. If you've been burned by stunt viral videos before—and who hasn't?—I can understand how you might be reticent to watch this one, but I am giving it the valuable Alex Seal Of Approval, so click away, baby, click away.


Stars And Sky (One Day You'll Die)

Feels like a while since we've shared a time-lapse video here on the site, and this one is not bad, particularly if you can handle the idea that the vastness of the cosmos only magnifies the insignificance of your place within it. Enjoy! [Via]


Weather Enjoyed

Two friends of mine of got in an argument once while they were on mushrooms about which of them liked weather more. It went on for hours, which surely felt like days or months at the time. And, in fact, feels like an eternity to some people who know them and still have to hear about it now, decades later. Safe to assume, though, that neither of them likes weather as much as "weather enthusiast and photographer" Martin Rietze, who took this time lapse video from sunset to sunrise atop Germany's tallest mountain, the Zugspitze. The music that accompanies it makes you feel like you're in a spa [...]


Angry Woman Funny

If you missed this speech by Fran Lebowitz at the end of last week, I insist you carve thirteen minutes out of your day for it. Trust.


Wood Appreciated

Boy, if you had told me early this morning that I was going to spend eight minutes of my day watching a short film about plywood I would have been struck dumb with disbelief. Also probably with fear, because what are you doing in my apartment early in the morning? Do I know you? It seems unlikely. Anyway, your mileage etc., but I found this rather enjoyable. I even learned things! I guess some days are like that.


The History Of The Animated GIF

Do you have seven minutes to watch a video about the birth of the animated GIF? I ask because I have no idea what your schedule is like today. If you do, here you go. Related: Is it really pronounced "jiff"? Because if so I have been embarrassing myself for years now.


Hipster Still Typing Outdoors

Oh, you remember our friend C. D. Hermelin, who spends the warmer days out-of-doors typing stories on his typewriter, surely? Here is a film about his project.


The Bag Snaggers

Who saves New York City's trees from the menace of plastic bags? Meet the bag snaggers of the Bette Midler-founded New York Restoration Project. A short film by Aaron Reiss and Jamie Hefetz of Citizen Productions. Music by C418 and Magic Man.


Wilt Chamberlain's Catskills Summer

As we are so often reminded, mileage is variable, and that will certainly be the case for yours on the subjects of sports, Wilt Chamberlain and the Jewish summer resorts of the '50s. But if any of those are of interest to you, I highly recommend that you head here and watch this documentarette. The main point I would like to get across in this space, however, is that Haskell is actually a pretty great name and if we are going full steam ahead and recycling all the appellations of an earlier era you could do a lot worse than to choose that one for your child. Or someone [...]


Thing Amusing

Did you miss this on Friday? It's very possible that you did. What with the hurricane and the election and the fact that we're about a week a way from Thansgiving—which means the nonstop onslaught of Christmas "cheer" should be forcing itself up into you any second now—it seems like everything has suddenly accelerated, and there's ever so much more to miss. So in case you didn't catch this one, sit yourself down (if you are currently unseated) and enjoy. As far as these things go it's actually pretty good.


Sue Simmons Signs Off

If you missed local legend Sue Simmons' final broadcast on NBC Friday night, it can be viewed here. Sniff, etc.


Jews Resume Joke-Telling

Old Jews Telling jokes is back! The first installment is a humorous story about a bull and an enema, if that's your sort of thing. And why wouldn't it be?