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On Being An "Irritant To The Institution" At The Whitney Biennial

My thoughts on the Whitney Biennial are still… congealing (???), which is good! Usually I hit the Biennial and have a snap and often dismissive opinion. This one I actually… want to return again maybe? Meanwhile here is a thoughtful interview with one of the three curators, Michelle Grabner, who is also the first artist to serve in that capacity.

One thing I did note is that the queers 'n' homos showed really well, like Keith Mayerson (above) and Zoe Leonard and Gary Indiana—and so did the painters, which is always heartwarming.


View Vertiginous

This picture is pretty amazing, plus you don't see the word "vertiginous" used enough these days.


Malls Ailing

"Here are 84 pictures of abandoned or failing or flat-out dead malls across America."


Footnotes of "Mad Men": Season Five, The Remaddening

It's so exceedingly brave of Jon Hamm to play younger, isn't it? It's a testament to his range as an actor that the 41-year-old is really gnawing away at the role of 40-and-a-half-year-old Don Draper. Magic like that just keeps me glued to this mild workplace drama. Aaaaanyway, the excellent website Mad Men Unbuttoned continues its agglomeration of important related cultural detritus this season! Play along at home! Or you could go read recaps at literally every publication in the world, if you had nothing else to do with your life today.


Tonight in New York: "Faces of Occupy Wall Street"

Tonight: the photographer Andrew Piccone's "Faces of Occupy Wall Street" show, Frontrunner Gallery, 59 Franklin Street, 6- 8 p.m. That's a fifteen-minute walk from Zuccotti Park, so you can compare and contrast faces!


Neko Case, Live in Bed

Literally the most charming thing ever? Neko Case singing a song from bed with her dog. I have two things to say about this, but they're not important and just GO WATCH, it's great. (Okay, so: 1. I have always loved Neko Case but having her on Twitter and now in videos made in bed with her dog has totally transformed the way I think about her. Previously she was distant to us—all I really knew before was that she hated piracy and was great. Now? I know when her dog shits in the truck. 2. I suspect that the reasons that Liza the enormous truck-shitting [...]


Where To Also See Awl Pals This Week

What are you doing tonight? I'll tell you what you're doing tonight: You're heading over to McNally Jackson to see Awl pals Matthew Gallaway and Sasha Frere-Jones discuss Matthew's new novel The Metropolis Case and debate the current state of affairs in Tunisia. (Okay, maybe not, but they will for sure be talking about the book.) See you at 7. It's an Awl pals kind of week!


Here Is A Photogallery Of Frozen Garbage

"[A]s temperatures jump into the 40s, and the mounds of snow begin melting away into nothing, artifacts of everyday city life have revealed themselves. Getty photographer Spencer Platt captured images of the mementos that had been frozen in time along city sidewalks: a cucumber on a cocktail pick, a half-eaten slice of pizza, a bottle of wine and a deflated balloon."


I Will Spend The Rest Of My Day, Week, Month, Year, Etc. Staring At This Interactive, High Resolution, Panoramic View From Top Of The Burj Khalifa Building And So Should You

Go here and look at this. (Unless you are acrophobic. In fact, even if you are acrophobic. Consider it exposure therapy. I swear, it is so awesome.) [Via]


Old Band's New Logo

I don't know a whole lot about graphic design, but if this new logo for the Rolling Stones is any indication, it seems like a pretty sweet gig.


Watch Vegas Grow

The bigification of Las Vegas: "NASA created this unique time-lapse video using photographs captured by Landsat satellites."


Show Good

Awl pal Seth Colter Walls REALLY LIKES Robert Wilson's new production of The Threepenny Opera over at BAM, calling it "at once the most satisfying and disturbing music drama I have ever seen presented on a New York stage."


Mike Andrews, Yarn Queen

Mike Andrews, an artist who teaches a class called "Hot Mess: Costume Construction and Wearable Sculptures" at Ox-bow in Michigan, makes these "kind of faggy, these big drippy, gnarly, matted things that make people uneasy," as he puts it in an interview with Butt. Quite interesting actually! Also his drawings are particularly good.


Lou Reed, Documentary Filmmaker

Red Shirley, Lou Reed's directorial debut, sounds pretty damned interesting, actually!


Ass-Watching Disparaged

"'I don’t know who comes to the boardwalk and says, 'Let’s go to the boardwalk and find out how many asses we can see.'" —Wildwood mayor Ernest Troiano clearly hangs out with different people than you do.


Less Unattractive Literary Websites

We think ugliness is a virtue, but here are 12 literary mag websites that are less ugly. DISCLOSURE: I think some of them are design clichés, SO THERE. (via)


Old New York

There is never a bad time to enjoy the photography of Berenice Abbot. There's a nice collection here. See if you can spot Old Town.


Second Magnetic Fields New York Show

Good news for anyone who had plans on April 3: The Magnetic Fields have added a date at the Beacon Theater on April 4. Details are here.


'Mildred Pierce': Set Your DVRs on 'OMG What?'

The five-part, Todd Haynes-directed miniseries of "Mildred Pierce" starts on Sunday, at 9 p.m., on HBO. Let me just tell you the most important part right now: The first episode may not particularly make you want to carry on! You might hate it immediately. But you likely should press on: what follows is definitely more exciting and pleasurable, as the show goes on. And sometimes when you try a weird new flavor, it's disgusting at first. This flavor is decidedly off-putting or maybe just like it popped out of a time machine from when flavors were different: it's the starchy tale of a snooty lady, and from the hilariously [...]


Laurel Nakadate's PS1 Show Opens

The Laurel Nakadate show opens at PS1 this weekend, and I have never "loved" her but when I think about her work, I think maybe she is the artist of our time in many ways? (Or maybe Andrea Fraser is, given that her piece "Untitled," from 2003, was documentation of her having sex with a collector who paid $20,000 for it. ("It" being the piece and the sex; same thing.) Because, what else is there to say?) Nakadate, slightly later, embarked on a great video series where she documented going home with strangers. Anyway, this should be seen! (There's tons of stuff on her website [...]