things to not eat

Guess What There's Doody In Now

"You Won't Believe What's In Your Turkey Burger," unless you've seen almost every other scary story about ground meat and the doody contained therein, in which case your skepticism will remain at bay.


Fake Fish Will Dredge Up Your Murky Depths

"Fish is frequently misidentified on menus and grocery store counters in New York City, even at expensive restaurants and specialty shops, DNA testing for a new study found…. In some cases, cheaper types of fish were substituted for expensive species. In others, fish that consumers have been urged to avoid because stocks are depleted, putting the species or a fishery at risk, was identified as a type of fish that is not threatened. Although such mislabeling violates laws protecting consumers, it is hard to detect. Some of the findings present public health concerns…. Ninety-four percent of fish sold as white tuna was not tuna at all but in [...]


What Is Causing Your Headache?

"The National Headache Foundation suggests patients might want to limit their intake of tyramine, a chemical that occurs naturally in certain foods, to help control headaches. Here are some foods containing tyramine or other substances believed to be headache triggers:" [SPOILER: anything GOOD.]


Food Bad

What should you avoid eating now? The answer may surprise you, unless you said "everything," in which case you are right in a general sense.