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Photo Of Foodstuff With Wu-Tang Symbol On It Incorrectly Labelled

Of course I enjoyed this collection of "12 Wu-Tang Ws in Strange Places." Who wouldn't? Despite the fact that we've seen a few of them before (the deservedly famous pizza is there). But this one here, of meatloaf with ketchup baked into the shape, should not be captioned "Wuloaf." It should be called "Streetloaf." And Wu-Tang associate MC Streetlife should write a verse about it. Over a track that samples that Roxy Music.


Europeans Take Some Pretty Nature Pictures

This is my new desktop picture. It's from Avatar, the final fight scene when Jake Sully battles Colonel Quaritch in his lethal mecha suit! Actually, it's not. It's from this slideshow of finalists from the German Society of Wildlife Photographers' European Wildlife Photographer of the Year competition. Which is better, really, because James Cameron probably won't show up speaking Na'vi at the awards ceremony. Check them out. Lots of beautifulness.